What are your airport/airplane pet peeves?!

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  1. Everybody has one! Let's share!!!:nuts:

    1. When airport security tells everyone to take their shoes off and everyone does it apart from 1 person, which holds up the line!
    2. People who abuse the carry on restrictions.
    3. People who put their junk in your overhead bin when they are sitting 6 rows down.
    4. People who insist on taking HUGE carry on's with them.
    5. Parents who allow their children to pull the wheelie carry on's. I would appreciate not having them pushed into me, thanks.
    6. Pushy people at baggage claim.
    7. Families who have every single member of their family at the baggage claim thing. Even 3'0 tall 2 year olds.
    8. Pushy passengers onboard flights I'm working on.
    9. Passengers that don't listen to things they are told.
    10. Passengers that go to the restroom when the fasten seatbelt sign has JUST been turned on.
  2. ^Are you a flight attendant?

    My pet peeve is big carry-ons as well. I would love to take everything with me on the plane, because I don't want to lose it, but I also don't want to take up other passengers' space. It's called being considerate. :smile:

    I don't like it when they hand out the left over champagne (meant for people in business class and first class) to just a few people in coach and everybody else misses out.

    I don't like it when people who have to get extra screening in security get mad or rude to the TSA agents, especially when they didn't follow the rules. No, you can't bring your two 1-liter water bottles onto the plane, get over it and you should know better. Even if you disagree with how they screen, the TSA agent is just doing their job, they don't have the power to change the rules.

    People who constantly stand in the aisles during the flight. I understand people have to walk around and get some blood flowing through their legs, that's totally understandable, but standing next to your friend the whole flight and talking to them and making everyone who has to go to the bathroom squeeze past you is a bit inconsiderate...if it's a couple of minutes, no big deal, but 3 hours? Sit down!
  3. 1. inconsistent security procedures. not only can't the london airports owned by BAA stick to the same rules but not even terminals within heathrow can :Push:
    2. sloppy security. heathrow again! i often travel with the same bags and same content from london to helsinki and back - in london they never bother looking inside (once i forgot i had a retractable knife with about a 15cm blade in my bag, i only found it when i arrived in new york :wtf: ), in helsinki i get searched every time.
    3. people who won't take off their shoes at security.
    4. people who pretend not to have aaaany idea you can't take liquids through security and try to get the staff to make an exception.
    5. rude security staff. heathrow win again! terminal 3 has the most sarcastic woman ever working the morning shift - fortunately i usually try to avoid flying too early.
    6. idiot passengers who refuse to stay in their seat. once when i flew back from helsinki to london i was sitting in the first row of economy with my brother (it was a row with a designated empty middle seat, usually it would have been business class) and the guy across the aisle kept moving into business class even though he was repeatedly told not to by the cabin crew :wtf: i was highly amused when the pilot pulled him aside to tell him off as we were getting off the plane :devil: i understand moving if there are lots of empty seats around and if you're told it's ok but you can't just upgrade yourself :nuts:
    7. people who take foreeeeever getting their stuff up into the lockers and getting into their seat when boarding. and are sitting in row 1. i'm half guilty since i set my alarm for when online check-in opens and usually get the first row in economy if i'm flying economy AND try to be the first person on the plane if i can help it to thwart the locker thieves since i normally carry on but i have everything i need out of by wheelie before boarding so it takes about five seconds for me to lift it up and get in my seat.
    8. crowds at baggage claim.
    9. people who take forever in the bathrooms. i swear once i was on a plane with only one bathroom and a guy walked in there with the daily telegraph :nuts:
    10. people who stand in the wrong queue at the passport control. especially in big groups :cursing:
  4. Sure am!
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    I also hate when passengers insist on taking off their seatbelt when the plane has landed. Seriously, you CAN'T go anywhere, so sit down, put your stuff back in the overhead bin and be patient.

    I dislike when you are trying to board a plane and there is someone that insists on putting all their stuff into the overhead bin. That's why we try to board from the back forward. Please, just sit and wait until the majority of the plane has boarded.

    When passengers stand in the alley at the back that is intended for the crew. Please, give us some space!

    Inconsideate mostly male passengers who miss the toilet seat. If you do, just clean it up. We are not your maid who clean up after you.

    Also when the seatbelt sign has been turned off and the plane has reached the gate, when passengers push to get off the plane. Whatever happened to the wait until the row infront of you has got up off their seat?!
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    People that insist on running their fingers in their hair and then things fall onto my lap, or drink.

    People that pull their tray table up and down all the time. Helloooo? Do you realise that I am sitting infront of you and that is going into my back!!!!

    Unprepared people who are about to check in to board the plane. How hard is it to read your ticket to see which seat number you are? Can you not take your passport out of your SUITCASE of a carry on before you get to the desk? Can you not take the things out of your bag that you need for the flight before standing up and putting your bag into the overhead bin?

    BAA (British security). I leave a lipgloss in my pocket. Ok, instead of tossing it in the trash, can you not just scan it again? Do you wish to pay for a $10 replacement?

    People that talk super loudly complaining about how long the line is. "Why can't this move any faster?!" ... Well i'm pretty sure complaining about it won't make it move any faster.
  7. people who hold up the line (ie those who stand in the aisle while they remove their coat, rummage through their bags, etc. before they sit down)

    inconsistent security

    crying babies
  8. This is probably my biggest complaint. Why do they ALL have to stand around & wait. Can't they designate someone to do this job while the rest stand near the wall & out of the way.

  9. :lol: shouldn't have said that, for the first time in years i didn't get searched in helsinki.

    another peeve: obvious profiling. we had a passport check when getting off the plane in london tonight (before we were allowed to even leave the gate) and we were asked to have our identification ready. every time this happens they never even bother opening my passport. how do they know it's even my passport then? it works in my favour but how am i supposed to trust that i'm safe when it appears they think being a blonde female eu passport holder automatically means you can't be dodgy. :shrugs:
  10. People who are smelly or bring smelly food on to the plane.

    People who talk too loud or snore like a foghorn.

    People who keep on getting out of their seat for no reason.

    People who don't know how to share the overhead bin.
  11. -People who put their seats back. Really there is no need for that at all, those seats shouldn't recline. I NEVER put my seat back it's just rude there's no space as it is!

    -Waiting and waiting for the flight to be ready. The plane's there isn't it? What's the hold up

    -Alitalia. *shiver* too many bad experiences and rude employees

    -People you don't know who try and talk to you when you're sitting next to them. One time going to Italy I was stuck next to this guy and he was very nice but he kept talking and talking and eventually made me play hangman with him when I was clearly in no mood to socialize

    -Killing time in airports waiting for flights. I get so nervous with that because once my mom and I almost missed a flight because we went to get food kind of late. Ever since then I'm bored out of my mind but I will not leave my gate lol

    -Heathrow Airport. I'm sure it's lovely IF you get out in London. However for transfers I would prefer to stop in Hell before I make transfer there again. I think Hell is a bit more pleasant and faster to get through security
  12. 1. When people wait til they're next in line for the xray machine before taking out the necessary items to be scanned separately and hold the line for another 10 mins.

    2. Folks who talk/laugh loudly next time to someone who's sleeping on a long haul flight.

    3. Folks who continue talking/laughing loudly when said sleeping person wakes up and gives them death glare.

    4. People who don't put their seats upright when it's meal service time. And the flight attendants who forget to tell them to do so!
  13. Good lord, ITA. I don't mind people who recline their seat, but this really p*sses me off. Most of the time when I'm on a plane not for work it's a connection so I can go to work, therefore most of the time I'm wearing my work uniform and when people do this I feel like giving them a piece of my mind!!! :rant:

    I really also dislike Southwest. Their crew are VERY rude.

    Crew on some airlines that treat economy like crap.

    People that use their cell phones when they aren't supposed to. Can't you wait 10 minutes?!

    It always makes me laugh when people "forget" their passport. Surely that would be top of your list of things to take to the airport, no? :lol:
  14. ^^1. I love when people "forget" their passport.. youre only getting on a flight, id be more likely to believe you forgetting your pants than your passport.

    2. I also hate when people cant get themselves organized and are always fidgetting and knocking into me.

    3. The tons of people waiting for the baggage, incl. the 2 year olds.. ugh, go stand in a corner.

    4. The nasty smell of the coffee that the person next to me HAS to have.

    5. The people who overly recline their seats leaving me no room forcing me to constantly kick their chairs.....

    6. People who cant control their nutty kids.

    And my #1 pet peeve- delayed or cancelled flights!!

    (Im guilty of taking my seat belt off and getting up as soon as the plane has landed, because after all of the above.. I just wanna get the hell out of there) ;)
  15. Some more (there are soo many!!!)

    When it's overly obvious that someone has been fooling around in duty free with the perfume when they enter the plane smelling of perfume.

    If someone checks a stroller at the gate, form a line to claim it! Don't stand in a group at the gate, people do need to get past y'know!