What are your airport/airplane pet peeves?!

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  1. My dad works for the FAA and he said its basically a deterent. If someone really wants to get something through they are going to. But it's meant to deter the "small time" terrorists and hopefully make it harder for the others to get things through. I know that I put the majority of my liquids in the bag. But I still leave my lipgloss and hand lotion in my handbag. If I can't fit all of my liquids in the bag Ill sneak a few in my purse also. They're only going to say something if they are too big or it seems suspicious---I've only had a problem once because it was the full 3oz size (and I fly almost weekly).
  2. I hate it when I'm flying when I'm slightly sick, like maybe starting to get a flu or something.. when the plane is landing my whole face is in so much pain for like 10 minutes. It's dreadful.

  3. I've accidentally left lotion and extra contacts in my purse and didn't realize it till I was at my destination. Also, I've never put lipgloss in my "liquids" bag and haven't had a problem.