Travel What are your airport/airplane pet peeves?!


Jul 27, 2009
Portland, OR.
Wow! Lots of complaints..:amuse::flowers:
I don't like some stuff ...but I figure we're all crammed up together in the plane and there is only so much you can do about any of I try to make the best of it...there already seems to be plenty of frustation going on anyway all around. I'm not going to add to it.
Also, I thought carry~on's had to fit a certain size prior to boarding so if it makes it through than its okay..was my understanding. I also try not to take someones space in the overhead..but when a plane is full and someone has taken mine..we all just have to find somewhere to put it..right?:smile:


Sep 14, 2007
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trolley-dolly ur list cracked me up! :lol:

my biggest pet peeve is the lack of patience most people have. we all want to get where we are going. there is no need to be impatient and/or rude to the other travelers and the flight attendants/tsa/etc.


Nov 15, 2007
Number one pet peeve when I travel : People who constantly open the window when almost all the passengers are asleep. I mean, what in the world are you trying to see there? Can they be more considerate? Ooohhh, that really annoys me!

Also, I hate it when people abuse free booze during flights, especially when you cannot handle the after effects. One time I had to endure a long haul flight with a screaming passenger who not only took advantage of the free beer but also, attempted to drink the liquor he bought from duty free. That was one of the worst flights i had.

I hate it when the person next to me doesn't leave me any space to place my arm on the arm rest.

Flight attendants who forget to come back with the food tray of your choice when supplies run out.

Flight attendants who don't care about their appearance and who don't offer help to passengers.

Inconsistencies of immigration officers to look at passport one by one or per family.

Check point just when you're about to get in the plane, especially when the gate is far.

Passengers who place their feet on the divider where the big tv is located.

Constant overhead announcements during the flight.

People who don't know how to give way to next person in line when getting off the plane.

I could go on and on and on about this.


Dec 7, 2007
Most of them have been already listed, but I would like to add:

People giving me and my children the evil eye simply because we are on the same flight as them. No one's crying, no one's misbehaving- just that we are there is an offense :rolleyes:.

I just think people should reserve judgement until something actually happens.


Sep 18, 2007
I was on a long haul flight and across the aisle was a family with 2 small children who were absolutely adorable and made my flight better. I have never seen more well behaved kids! It was enjoyable just watching them play and helped pass the time.

My peeve is when the earphones don't work and people that are constantly messing with the trays or "accidently" kicking my seat.

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Aug 26, 2009
When I was younger, I was on a flight, and after take off, I reclined my seat. The man sitting behind me, pushed my seat back and said "I'm over six feet tall and you can't put your seat back". Thank goodness it was only a 3 hour flight!

My pet peeve is that the airline should really take into consideration many variables when booking tickets and assigning seats.

Tall people should be in front row seats. Although I was totally pissed at this man for doing this, he kinda had a point. He went about it in completely and assinin way, but......

In the summer of 2009, my DH and I took our then 15 month old daughters on a trip. On the way down, they gave us the first row seats which was great as we could put them down and they weren't disturbing anyone. They even left the seat between us free as the flight was not sold out.
However, on the way back, we were stuck in the middle of the plane. One of my daughters cried hysterically from the moment we took off to about a half hour before landing. Not only was this stressful to both DH and I, but everyone on that plane could hear her. You couldn't get away from it. We couldn't stand the whole time at the back of the plane either as the flight attendants needed to monoveur the carts back and forth.


Nov 21, 2006
Speaking of reclining seats...people who complain about the person in front of them reclining their seat but proceed to recline their own seat! Seriously??


Nov 23, 2009
Excited toddlers. Eugh. I gave one a death stare once because he kept shaking my seat... And I also hate the ones who like to switch the lights on and off continuously... And the ones that recline all the way as soon as they get into their seat (even if the plane hasn't taken off)
People who talk loud. And people who laugh hysterically at the comedy program they're watching...
People who lay their head on your shoulder... (Thankfully I haven't flown economy/coach in a while now!)
People who open the window screens when the cabin is pitch black, and outside is really bright...

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May 28, 2009
* People who IMMEDIATELY use their mobile phones when the plane just landed (and with the usual, "Honey, i just landed!") and then they start unfastening their seat belts and taking their carry-on baggage from the head compartment :sick: Can't you guys be patient?!

* Noisy children who screams. I totally loathe this in a long-haul flight! When i was little, my parents would smack me right in the face if i start making unnecessary noise in the public.

* Rude flight attendant. I'm not a nosy passenger, all i asked is just a simple glass of water.


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Feb 6, 2007
I try to make the best of it - I'm not there to annoy others, we all have to be there and just get through the flight.

I don't however appreciate inconsiderate people. Don't put your seat back - there is no room as it is and if you put your seat back, the person behind you has your seat roughly 5 inches from their face. Would you like it if the person in front of you did the same?

Don't be rude to the flight attendants - they are human beings, not slaves. By the same token, I am a paying customer and flight attendants are supposed to be providing customer service, not treating me and all the other passengers like prisoners. Don't be rude to me, either.


Jul 15, 2006
Speaking of reclining seats...people who complain about the person in front of them reclining their seat but proceed to recline their own seat! Seriously??
it's a domino effect :shrugs: i don't recline my seat unless it's a long flight (and certainly not during meals) but if the person in front of me does it then i can't see my computer screen if i'm using it and it's either recline my seat or stop what i'm doing so that i don't inconvenience the person behind me (who can easily recline their own seat).


Jun 6, 2009
My biggest pet peeve is...people who wear perfume/scented body lotions. Your on an aircraft why do you think everyone wants to smell you!!! There is nowhere for the smell to go!!
I don't understand why the industry doesn't implement a scent free policy on their aircrafts.

People who "have to" be the first off the plane. Your bags "will not" be there any faster just because your off first.

Loud Ipods - I don't want to hear your music.

People who figet in the seat next to you. What's the problem do you have ants in your pants?

The person next to you smells like ass. Do you not shower?


Jul 15, 2006
People who "have to" be the first off the plane. Your bags "will not" be there any faster just because your off first.

if you don't have checked luggage you'll be out of the airport faster :P . and first out+fastest=first to immigration=(usually) first out of the airport.
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Nov 2, 2007
People who stand in the wrong line, especially at immigration. If you are not a US citizen, I think it's quite obvious that you WON'T be standing in the US citizen line.