Well it came..and I still can't decide!

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  1. It's a beautiful color but very specific, may lose lots of money if someday to resell, on the other hand, can sell for high price too, black is probably the safest choice when comes to expensive bags.
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  2. I’d say gather your most loved and / or most used outfits you wear for work, for going out, for casual wear, and see if you can rock this bag with these outfits or not.

    For instance I think your deep blue jeans in the picture go so much better with the teal bag than it would have done with cobalt blue... :smile:
  3. I love everything about this color and think it can work well with a wide range of colors but if you don’t love it then go for something else. It’s a keeper in my eyes.
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  4. Love, love, LOVE that bag and the color personally. Giving vibes from the Neverfull's handle stitching along with a similar roundness to the Alma and styling cues from a Birkin. But, if you're not happy with the color then most definitely return it or exchange it!
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  5. Some of my favorite bags were not what I expected when I got them. I have kept some bags that I initially doubted. Blue is a fabulous versatile color. Ponder on it a while and you may decide this is a bag worth keeping even though it was not what you expected. However, I will say that I think the price is a bit steep for a Louis Vuitton. You could almost get an Hermès for that price. But maybe spending $2000 more for a Hermès exceeds your limit. If price is not the problem, then I say keep it.

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  6. I saw this bag in person and it took by breath away! But for this price, you shouldn’t be second guessing! Personally I love this bag, but at this price point I would rather buy a Chanel bag.
  7. The color must please you, not just a good blue, especially for 5G
  8. For such a pricey piece I do think it should be utter lvoe and total infatuation right out of the box! She is very pretty. Blues are always hard to capture in photos so I am sure she is 100x more lovely irl.
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  9. I think that you have to love this shade of blue if you want to keep it. As you said, this is teal and not cobalt blue. Do you have any items that are teal and how do you feel about them? Do they work with your skin tone and wardrobe? Personally I find teal really hard to pull off although it is beautiful. I had a backpack, clothings and eyeshadows in teal but they don't work well on me. So now I admire teal from afar.
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  10. Yeah, if you're going to keep a bright colored bag, you gotta love it at first sight. Otherwise, it's just not going to work long term. That's been my experience.
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  11. Did you try the Denim Blue also available in the Milla. I would say that would be more of a true blue. I think I said somewhere before that the Colvert has green undertones, which I love. :smile: Either way the Milla is a beautiful bag, and my favourite go to bag. :biggrin:
  12. what a beautiful bag

    keep it
  13. Thank you to everyone for your kind opinions! I'm going to decide when I visit the boutique in Boston next weekend after looking at the other colors just to be sure! and I'll post my decision along with any other goodies I find :smile:
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  14. Just looked up this bag, definitely looks more of a cobalt blue than teal on their website. For that price point, I have to agree with everyone else. You could definitely get a Chanel or an Hermes (most likely pre-owned or something new that isn't a Birkin or Kelly to stay around that price range) that would be a blue you love more than that one.