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  1. Welcome!
  2. Hi TPFers,

    This is such a great and generous community; you've nurtured my BV obsession through the years. I've lurked for far too long (10 years) leaching off your collective knowledge. I think it's about time I came out of the shadows. Here's my brief intro.

    Username: Doncaster42
    Age: 40+
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Melbourne (Australia), Singapore
    Occupation: Family run business
    Favorite Brands: Bottega Veneta
    Clothes: Alice Temperley (if $ were no object), Monsoon (UK high street boho), Target (Australia - functional and cheap)
    Bags: BV hobos only (Tornabuoni, Paille, Effiloche, Cravatteria, Fringe, Fuzzy, Velours, Shadow Embroidery...)
    Hobbies: Reading, gardening, decorating, travelling, tending to my 'pets' (2 long-haired specimens of daughters who shed too much)
    Favorite Foods: Australian & French fusion, Japanese, South-east Asian
    Favorite Drinks: Boost juice, Fortnum & Mason tea, 'teh bing' (Singapore iced milk tea)
    Favorite TV Shows: Killing Eve, Homeland, The Americans, Absolutely Fabulous, National Geographic and PBS documentaries
    Odd things about me: I'm obsessive. I duplicate and triplicate things when I love them. E.g., I have 3 large Nero BV hobos (in constant rotation), 20+ pairs of Coach platform wedge sandals in 2 colours only
    Things that scare me: Cynicism, sarcasm
    Current obsessions: Tomas Maier's BV hobos and cabats (maybe, one day)
  3. Welcome! So happy you’ve joined us!
  4. Welcome!
  5. I'm the same way. I am a fan of the duplicate! I often get the same thing in say 2-3 colors. If it works, work it!
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  6. Welcome!!!!
  7. welcome!
    i do multiples, too! :ghi5:
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  8. Thank you, all! I've 'known' you for so long. Glad to make the acquaintance official. Ditto on the multiples :smile:
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  9. Hello from Singapore! With reference to "teh beng", mine is "kopi c kosong po". Though I don't do multiples for BV, I do duplicate for my other favourite brand. So yes, high five to duplicates and more.
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  10. Oh, hello, @frienziedhandbag
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Now wouldn't it be nice if BV does a 'milo dinosaur' colour, one day
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  11. Woo, that sounds like a yummy colour!
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  12. Welcome! I must be a fellow obsessive. I have 3 discos and 4 convertibles
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  13. Hello! Newbie here who just joined as I'm starting to move from dreaming about bags/accessories to purchasing them!

    Age: 30+
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Boston
    Occupation: Consultant
    Favorite Brands:
    Clothes: To be honest... whatever I find at Nordstrom Rack!
    Bags: Maison Margiela, BV, Vivienne Westwood​
    Hobbies: Travelling, cars, photography
    Favorite Foods: French, Indian, Japanese
    Favorite Drinks: Rose and gin&tonics!
    Favorite TV Shows: The Good Place, The West Wing, Twin Peaks, Love Island UK ;)
    Odd things about me: I like crafts, and right now I'm all into embroidery
    Things that scare me: Currently, the storm that's rolling in which will make my commute home a bit crazier than normal!
    Current obsessions: Finding the perfect work bag
  14. Hi Ruth. Welcome to a very fun, helpful and supportive site. There are many really sweet, funny and helpful people on here.
  15. I've been going through a number of threads so far and completely agree! Glad to be here :smile: