Welcome to New Members - Please read me FIRST, then Introduce Yourself!

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  1. Welcome to BV! As someone with a Graduate Gemologist certification, it's great to see another kindred spirit here. :biggrin: Also I must say your taste in TV shows is impeccable.
  2. Hi! I've made a couple of posts in the BV forum, and I think I ought to introduce myself:
    Username: Annawakes
    Age: 36
    Gender: F
    Resides: TX
    Occupation/ Industry: SAHM
    Favorite brand:
    - Clothes ? I'd like to shop for clothes but I always end up buying a bag instead! So I get clothes at the Gap online clearance hehe
    - Bags
    Bottega Veneta, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Filson
    Hobbies: Going to the spa, traveling
    Favorite drink: Dr Pepper, Boba milk tea
    Favorite food: Dark chocolate, M&M cookies, Raising Cane's chicken tenders
    Favorite TV show: Dallas (the original)
    Odd things about me: I absolutely detest white chocolate. Yucky!!!
    Things that scare me: public speaking, heights, intimidating SA's at nice boutiques
    Current obsessions: my baby girl, closely followed by bags, bags, more bags!
  3. After hanging out here for many months now, I figure it's time to introduce myself

    : CoastalCouture
    Age: yes
    Gender: F
    Resides: SF Area of Northern California, originally from Canada
    Occupation/ Industry: Dog mom; pharmaceutical QA/QC and R&D analytical chemist in a previous life
    Favorite brand:
    - Clothes Eileen Fisher, OSKA, Eskandar, Lafayette, anything I have sewn myself
    - Bags
    Bottega Veneta, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, anything of quality
    Hobbies: learning to sew couture quality garments, travel
    Current obsessions: Handbags, shoes, Alabama Chanin School of Making
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  4. Welcome from a fellow Canuck!
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  5. as muchstuff so aptly said, and real big hello from Ontario, Canada!!:wave:
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  6. Oh gosh, I forgot to mention my growing collection of Hermes scarves! What was I thinking?

    Thanks for the welcoming replies!
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  7. Hi, my aunt collected handbags for decades. She passed away 3 years ago, and I've rescued her collection from the estate sale that my uncle is setting up for all of their stuff. Bottega Veneta was her favorite and makes up the majority of her collection. Eventually, I will sell most of these to help fund assisted living for my uncle. I'm hoping this community will help me to educate myself, so that I can be smart about that process, and because I think she would get a kick out of me learning about one of her great passions.

    : BottegaVenetaNephew
    Age: 40
    Gender: M
    Resides: Atlanta, GA
    Occupation/ Industry: Video Production
    Favorite brand: I'm new to this!
    - Clothes
    - Bags

    Hobbies: Musician, Pugs, Disc Golf
    Favorite drink: Fernet Branca
    Favorite food: Sushi
    Favorite TV show: GOT
    Odd things about me: I can eat Poke every day for a week, and never tire of it. But I would rather try a new place then go somewhere familiar.
    Things that scare me: motorcycles
    Current obsessions: My grandbaby Hazel, The Atlanta Falcons
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  8. Welcome! You won't find a better group to learn from, the experts on the BV thread have a wealth of knowledge and are very gracious in sharing it! :smile:
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  9. Welcome Bottega Veneta Nephew! Like muchstuff said, we are a very giving, low drama forum. What musical instrument do you play?

    Come join us in chat and tells us more about yourself. Also, post some photos of your aunt's collection in the ID this BV thread and we will try to help you learn what you have. Most of all have fun here, you will be amazed at how much we all have in common, across all ages and cultures.
  10. Thanks for the warm welcome, Jburgh!

    I'm a drummer. I posted a couple of bags in the authenticate this bag thread. Now, I see that the ID this BV thread is the one I needed. I have around 20 BV bags in all. Many are probably older vintage. I'll start taking and posting pics of them this week. It's been fun stepping into this foreign world, and it's great seeing the passion of collectors.
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  11. Hi everyone! I’m new here and would like to introduce myself.

    Username: Peonyandi

    Age: 30

    Gender: F

    Resides: Philippines/Singapore

    Occupation/Industry: Part-time IT businessowner and homemaker

    Favorite brands:
    - Clothes: Uniqlo, COS
    - Bags: Bottega Veneta. Louis Vuitton, Hermes

    Hobbies: Reading, exercise (running and pilates), watercolor painting

    Favorite food: any kind of noodles! And very spicy food.

    Things that scare me: my credit card bill

    Current obsessions: Always always handbags!! I have a serious handbag problem.
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  12. Welcome! You're not alone in you handbag obsession but be warned, it'll get worse when you spend time here :flowers:.
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  13. Welcome! I think you’ll like here.
  14. Hello, I'm new to the BV forum but I used to be active in the Balenciaga and Prada forums. Glad to be here learning about BV!

    Username: girlygirl3
    Age: 50+
    Gender: F
    Resides: New York City - born and raised
    Occupation/ Industry: Admin in Financial Services
    Favorite brand: I'm very practical and need labels that can go dressy to casual easily.
    - Clothes Practical and economical (don't like to spend too much) Banana Republic, Uniqlo, LOFT, and the like
    - Bags Not so practical and economical - Prada and Balenciaga (not the recent renditions though); Practical and functional - Lots of gym bags like Under Armour, Topo Designs, North Face
    Hobbies: Fountain pens and pen/paper/ink paraphernalia; training in boxing gym; learning languages
    Favorite drink: I don't drink
    Favorite food: In NYC, it depends on my mood, but I cook paleo
    Favorite TV show: Not one in particular but I prefer crime dramas, series, American, British, Korean
    Odd things about me: Not sure what would be considered odd
    Things that scare me: My foray into BV!
    Current obsessions: Deciding which BV bag to be my first - medium Garda?,
  15. Welcome :flowers:
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