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  1. I realized I never introduced myself, just showed up and made myself at home. Kind of par for the course, really. :biggrin:

    : obscurity7
    Age: 40
    Gender: F
    Resides: DC area, but originally from New England, which is a far more accurate representation of my personality
    Occupation/ Industry: IT (for industries ranging from defense to universities)
    Favorite brand: I like a mix of streamlined basics and things with unique twists
    - Clothes Anthropologie, Zara, Ted Baker, Maje, Athleta (Shoes: Angela Scott, Bed Stu, Korks, Pikolinos)
    - Bags Chloe, BV (otherwise why would I be here?), Longchamp, Celine, and a bunch of lesser known brands both US and global
    Hobbies: Photography! Been shooting semi-professionally for 10+ years, just not for money (hence the "semi"). Travel as often as I can. Hiking in the mountains.
    Favorite drink: Vodka tonic is my standard, but I'll happily take anything inventive with grapefruit juice.
    Favorite food: Tapas or Indian
    Favorite TV show: Gilmore Girls
    Odd things about me: Everything. :lol: I try to tone down the sarcasm because until you meet me in person, it doesn't always translate well.
    Things that scare me: Heights and spiders. Having to jump from a high place to get away from spiders would pretty much ensure I die of a heart attack on the way down.
    Current obsessions: mini Cesta, the new (?) BV73, the whole NYC subway series, the Garda...
  2. Welcome, I die for good sarcasm so let 'er rip!
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  3. Welcome and good luck on first bag decisions!
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  4. Better late than never!

    Username: sonyamorris
    Age: 26
    Gender: F
    Resides: Russian living in Italy, Rome
    Occupation/ Industry: Opera / ancient music singer
    Favorite brand:
    - Clothes COS - just minimalism and elegance
    - Bags of course, BV! It was a love at the first sight. I have carried before some designer bags (and was always obsessed about great handbags since a was a child:nuts:), but in BV I found a perfect quality and aesthetics
    Hobbies: All the cool useless things like Italian heraldry, Latin language, mosaic etc. Also I like drawing and making a small leather goods (it’s a great stress therapy)
    Favorite drink: Artisan beer and Chinotto (Italian sort of Coca-cola)
    Favorite food: Junk food, Italian, Chinese and Japanese kitchen
    Favorite TV show: Strange things like Rick and Morty cartoon
    Odd things about me: could the bag obsession be considered an odd thing on the PurseForum?
    Things that scare me: the future:shocked:
    Current obsessions: all the pretty bags I don’t have and cobalt blue color
  5. Hello! Been always more of a lurker but I'm ready to step out for a bit now!

    : symmetry
    Age: 36
    Gender: F
    Resides: Metro Manila, Philippines
    Occupation/ Industry: stay at home mom/homeschooler but I used to work in the banking industry for 15 years
    Favorite brand: I like classics and minimal accessorising
    - Clothes Harlan & Holden, Pink Manila (both local brands), Uniqlo, Loft (Shoes: Vionic and Adidas Ultraboost for life!)
    - Bags BV (of course!), Chloe, Linjer and Celine Lefebure
    Hobbies: Reading and making good, challenging tests for my LOs
    Favorite drink: Coffee and mango juice
    Favorite food: Filipino, Japanese, Chinese and Peranakan cuisines
    Favorite TV show: None! I have no time to watch TV anymore *sobs*
    Odd things about me: I LOVE inhaling diffused frankincense essential oil, it's the best when my sinuses are blocked. Also I don't destroy the latte art in my coffee while drinking it
    Things that scare me: Our local and the global stock market, today's world leaders, and FB
    Current obsessions: the BV Alumna bag.
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  6. Hi All,
    I have posted on several BV thread, but I just found out that I should have introduce myself first. Sorry!

    : splurgetothemax
    Age: 35
    Gender: F
    Resides: Currently I reside in Indonesia. I lived in Jordan when I joined TPF as shown on my profile. Tried to change it, but not sure on how to do it.
    Occupation/ Industry: Stay at home mom.
    Favorite brand: BV, VCA, and local designers that catch my eyes.
    - Clothes No specific brand, anything that fits and flatters me.
    - Bags BV.
    Hobbies: Reading, learning new languages, and browsing for upcoming high quality designers, especially accessories like bags, shoes and jewelry.
    Favorite drink: Water
    Favorite food: Thai, Italian, Japanese, and Middle Eastern food. Fruit and veggies.
    Favorite TV show: I dont like watching TV.
    The exception is Downton Abbey and Mr.Selfridge.
    Odd things about me: I would like to live in Downton castle and Marie Antoinette's chateau. Just for one week.
    Things that scare me: Death.
    Current obsessions: BV Lauren clutch, VCA Alhambra in any stone, MOP dial watches.
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  7. Welcome to BV!
  8. Username: kharris332003 (not very creative—trying to get the brainpower to think of something more creative). I used to post but have had too many life changes in the last couple of years to post so I decided to re-introduce myself.

    Age: Ha Ha!

    Gender: F

    Resides: US. I currently split my time between the San Juan mountains and Texas.

    Occupation/ Industry: Executive with major health care company

    Favorite brands:

    · Clothing: Peruvian Connection and Pure Collection for tops

    · Bags: BV--I saw my first BV bag in China many years ago and fell in love the quality. I’ve continued to refine my collection and my favorite bags are my Cervo baseball hobos.

    Hobbies: Cooking, exercise, needlepoint, surfing the internet

    Favorite drink: Coffee and demon soda

    Favorite food: Most anything

    Favorite TV show: Catastrophe, Modern Family, Endeavour

    Odd things about me: I recently realized that I wear black, blue and red color families and I only collect bags in these colors—no green, little brown and or light colors for me. After I dropped my iPad mini while trying to manage it, a small bag and dog I’m done with small bags unless I’m not taking my iPad.

    Things that scare me: The future for my children and their children including how much climate change I see in the areas where I live.

    Current obsessions: BV Large Belly and Cervo hobos to hold everything and my iPad (and I don’t care if everyone else is playing Tetris with their small bags). I’m very sad that I can no longer buy these bags new.
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  9. Another cervo hobo fan, welcome back!
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  10. Forgot to introduce myself :smile:

    : TotinScience
    Age: early 30s
    Gender: F
    Resides: US East Coast
    Occupation/ Industry: scientist!
    Favorite brand: love miminalist under the radar brands of high quality and ON SALE :smile:
    - Clothes Karen Millen, Tory Burch, MK
    - Bags Von Holzhausen, Marco Massaccesi, BV
    Hobbies: swimming, one day city trips :smile:
    Favorite drink: COFFEE
    Favorite food: Greek
    Favorite TV show: The Wire
    Odd things about me:I cannot stand raw apples :P
    Things that scare me: current politics :/
    Current obsessions: BV :smile:
  11. I likewise am just now reading the BV rules!! Whoops

    Username: Southernbelle43
    Age: 55+
    Gender: Female
    Resides: SW US
    Occupation: Non-practicing RN/Health Care Attorney
    Favorite Brands:
    Retired and no longer worry about clothes, yea! Jeans and sweats suit just fine
    Bags: Massaccesi, Arayla, BV
    Hobbies: Reading, cooking, pastel painting
    Favorite Foods: Father was Italian, so it has to be Italian
    Favorite Drinks: Good hot tea, ordered from India. Tea snob.
    Favorite TV Shows: Any action/drama/crime shows. Married to federal law enforcement officer, have no choice :P
    Odd things about me: I actually don't think I am odd. Maybe you should ask my hubby.
    Things that scare me: Nothing
    Current obsessions: Bottega veneta and Arayla handbags
  12. I've been a tPFer for a long time, but only recently became active again...so, here goes!

    KaliDaisy (Kali = California + my name starts with K, Daisy = my favorite flower :flowers: )
    Age: let's just say in my 40s :amuse:
    Gender: Female
    Resides: Born, raised, and haven't left California (yet!) (currently residing in SoCal, grew up in bay area)
    Occupation: I do things in the mortgage industry
    Favorite Brands:
    - Clothes:
    Anything comfortable, really - not really into designer clothes
    - Bags: BV, Balenciaga, Longchamp
    Hobbies: going to Disneyland, reading, travel, shopping
    Favorite Foods: pizza, turkey sandwiches, Chinese
    Favorite Drinks: Diet Coke, Prosecco
    Favorite TV Shows: Jeopardy, This Is Us, The Goldbergs
    Odd things about me: Until recently, every handbag I've ever owned has been black
    Things that scare me: vomit, cockroaches, death
    Current obsessions: a dumb Disney game I play on my iPad, purses, moving to another country
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  13. Welcome back! :flowers:
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  14. Thank you, @muchstuff!! :amuse:
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  15. Hiiiii I'm a newbie to the Forum , i hope to find many interesting topics and friends here!