Weights of different leathers

  1. A while back, there was a discussion on this topic and someone proposed making a chart. Today, a lovely tPF member asked my opinion on the difference in weight between an older clemence and box 35 Birkin. I decided to find out. The results were unexpected and interesting (I thought) so for anyone who is interested...here are weights in grams, of various 35 Birkins, heaviest first...

    Clemence range: 1209 - 1271 g (the heaviest one is from 2006)
    Togo 1122
    Barenia (2003) 1120
    Ostrich 1106
    Crinolin/Barenia 1058
    Box (2007) 1049

    That's right...box is the lightest. Lighter than the crinolin/barenia combo, which is lined in fabric.

    So, if anyone was looking for an excuse to get box...!
  2. Oh, thank you for this information! I'm dreaming of a black box birkin.

    Some day, some day...
  3. Thanks!
    I am eagerly awaiting more box leather too!
  4. I'm wondering if I can get my swift on my kitchen scale!!
  5. FABULOUS information, Pepper - I love a brilliant chic woman! :heart:

    I always thought box was very light to carry.....it's marvelous to have it confirmed.

    For those of us who are "conversion" challenged:
    1 gram = 0.00220462262 pounds

    here's a conversion website:


    2 lbs 10 oz - lightest clemence (1209 grams)
    2 lbs 5 oz - box (1049 grams)

    very interesting!
  6. Thank you, Katel! I should have included the conversion.

    (...thoughts of a raisin box Birkin need to be suppressed about now...)
  7. i knew it ! my box felt light .... but too bad i sold it :confused1:
  8. Thanks for all the info Pepper!
  9. thanks! it's great to see this info in a chart
  10. Thanks for the info. What about shifting this to the reference library section?
  11. ITA with your weights: Box is definately the lightest, and what REALLY surprised me, is that Barenia isn't as heavy as it's made out to be, in fact it's lighter than my Clemence Birkins and also lighter than my Vache Naturelle Birkin!
  12. Thanks Pepper! That is excellent news! Not only does it smell wonderful, it's also the lightest?! I'm really in love now!:heart:

    Now, off to sleep, perchance to dream of Vert Foncé Box leather ...mmm ...:P

  13. Thank you Pepper :flowers: !!!
    I would be interested to know where Goat would be in this Weight ranking ???
    Do someone know ???
  14. Interesting, thanks for that. Was this including locks, clochettes and all the rest?

    Compared to my other non-H bags I find that my box birk can get quite heavy, I'm not sure I'd want something even heavier.
  15. Thankyou for stats Pepper!! Good to know! I would love to have a box birkin!