Wearing White to a wedding??

  1. A good friend of mine wore a white strapless jcrew summer dress to my wedding reception in October. I didn't notice it until I got my pics back and was going thru them. It didn't bother me, prolly cuz it was after the fact and she's a sweet friend. I would never wear white or even cream to anyone's wedding. When I go to weddings I pick my dress/attire based on the venue. And of course I always try to look my best but not in a matter where I would distract the bride.
  2. Maybe we should all stop replying here then ;) Point is made, conclusion is: wearing white to a wedding 98% says no, 2% says yes. :whiteflag:
  3. I have never liked white, I can honestly say I don't own 1 piece of white clothing so why would I wear white on one of the most important days of my life. I'm not engaged yet but I already know my wedding gown will not be white or in the white colored family. I love Dita Von Teese's gown
  4. OMG! She loks amazing, didnt even know she got married, did it happen resently and who was her fiance?

    You know, wedding dresses has been white only about 150 years, little more perhaps. Before that wedding dress was suppose to be brides evening dress for festive occasions on the year after getting married. That was truly practical and also I think romantic tradition, would like myself to do that!

    I was interested also and found this:

  5. A friend of mine told me a few days ago, that if she gets married she will wear a YSL smoking tuxedo. I think that would be absolutely stunning! She's not engaged so she has time to save up and find one.
  6. I got married in a silver gown and changed into a black gown for the reception. I am very pale and look terrible in white, ivory, or any variation thereof so I went with what looks good on me and what made me happy. I think Dita's gown is AMAZING and looks beautiful on her.
  7. I probably wouldn't wear a white dress, mainly since I want sleeves and have never seen a white dress with sleeves.
  8. My mum wore a bright red dress in her wedding day! She was a brave lady, I thought :p ! I have to admit I can't wear a wedding dress that's that bright. I would prefer classical white/ivory wedding dresses. Gold is nice too!! And Lilac, maybe. The colour is sweet and romantic, wouldn't really mind a lilac dress at all in my big day :smile:
  9. Love the idea of doing something outside of the norm, and I'm pretty sure my friends, family & boyfriend would expect that from me. Dita's gown is amazing, though I don't think I could pull off a gown like that just generally, let alone at my wedding!
  10. I am getting married in July and I will not be wearing a white wedding gown. Although I look really good in white, the traditional look just wasn't my personal taste. I am actually wearing a pinkish nude dress from Vera Wang's SS2012 collection.
    kjfd349j copy.jpeg
  11. I loved Jessica Biel's pink wedding gown. If I ever get married, I would probably wear something that colour, but I don't really want a wedding either.
  12. Your gown is stunning!

    I'm too pale to go stark white, I like creams and beiges, or even lavender/greys. Would love something like this.
    vw gown.jpg
  13. Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
  14. VELVETFLATS I love that Vera gown, the art work is so amazing! I love Vera especially since she sets her own rules when it comes to her gowns. She is one of the designers I have in mind to custom make my gown. Vivienne Westwood designed Vita's gown and Dior has made some stunning gowns, those are my top 3 designers I want to consult with.

    The pic of Dita is on her wedding to Marlyn Manson years ago, they're now divorced. Everyone copied white after Queen Elizabeth, like ASTAK stated everyone wore their best attire on their wedding intially. Also the history of the color white doesn't mean "pure" its actually blue that symbolizes purity. It was a marketing ploy for designers to make white mean pure so everyone would think they needed a white gown.

    I heard a lot of people giving Jessica Biel flack for her wedding gown which was disgusting because she's allowed to wear what she wants. Everyone doesn't see themselves nor feel they look their best in a white gown. I hate to watch those wedding shows and brides not choosing what they want because they don't want to disappoint other people.
  15. Thank you so much. I love that gown as well. The color is so unique and different. Surprisingly, most people who order Vera Wang gowns buy them in white or ivory despite the fact that Vera's colors are so gorgeous and different.

    Thank you! I love the dress so much! It's hanging in my closet and I love looking at it everyday.