We all have an opinion about her, but this guy is a total perv!!!

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  1. i am very aware of my personal space and when i'm out in public and feel someone real close to me my immediate response is to turn around and see what they're doing. most of the time they're just trying to walk past me...i guess i move slower now with my burgeoning belly. lol

    anyway, i haven't seen the pictures in sequence but it doesn't even look like paris is at all bothered. either way this guy should be arrested! they guy walking next to paris (a friend?) didn't even seem to notice what was happening.
  2. Eww creep!
  3. Disgusting. He deserves to be kicked in the face, have his camera smashed, and then get the cops called on him.
  4. i have seen this before, it should be punished! :tdown:
  5. Ewww, that the hell is up with this guy :s
  6. He should be arrested! yuck
  7. As much as I don't like Paris Hilton, no woman should have to go through that.

    I hope he gets prosecuted.
  8. What a jerk! She should've jammed her heel on him.
  9. Omg.
  10. If that was me, two seconds later I would be BRAWLING.:mad:

    What would he do, call the police?? lolllllllll....
  11. This guy needs 2 things. A kick up the ar$e for doing that and mental help to work out why he would want to do that! Paris Hilton's upskirt... ewwww!!
  12. How messed up! No one deserves that kind of invasion of privacy... I don't necessarily like Paris but thats just gross and wrong
  13. how terrible!:nono:
  14. No matter if she, herself, has displayed everything she has below deck before, that is crimminal.
    If she were to react and smack him or whatever, the cretin would probably try to sue her anyway!
  15. wow absolutely disgusting