We all have an opinion about her, but this guy is a total perv!!!

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  1. [​IMG]


    Paris Hilton
  2. What is he doing? is that a camera? or is he touching her ankle thing that Lindsey lohan was sporting a couple of years ago?

    but since we are on TPF, not liking the bag! :nono:

    No wait! he is upskirting her! eww. perv! If he was going to do it, do it to someone that we would not expect! everyone has already seen hers..
  3. ^Taking a upskirt picture of her with his camera.

    I know! There should be laws against that. I don't care what you think about her. It happened to Jesicca Simpson as well. It's so rude to just stick your camera underneath someones dress and do that. Even more disgusting that someone paid for the JS one.
  4. yea, its a camera. he is taking a photo up her dress
  5. Haha, I noticed that now.
    its wrong and all, but did Paris just let him do that? couldn't she kick is face when he is doing that?

    Oh, and did anyone notice the perv's friend laughing in the background? I loved it.
  6. OMG, what a douche bag! i hoped she kicked him in the face! :nono:
  7. OMG! Where is her bodyguard?
  8. Isn't that against the law??
  9. what a douche.
  10. wow! that is ridiculous!
  11. That is so disgusting of him! Can she press sexual harassment charges?
  12. :yucky: Ick, what a slimeball. Seriously, that is just pure pond scum right there. He definitely looks the part looking all slimey with his flooders paired with the no socks/tennis shoe get up.
  13. I know that men in fairgrounds have been arrested for doing that, so I think she could press charges if she chose to, especially with the photo evidence of him doing it. I don't feel bad about sex videos being released (if someone was stupid enough to make one in the first place...), but this sort of thing is unacceptable. A woman ought to be able to wear a dress in public without worrying about photos taken from underneath.
  14. ugh disgusting behavior from people.
  15. What a slimey thing to do... even if it is being done to someone like Paris Hilton!