We all have an opinion about her, but this guy is a total perv!!!

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  1. Ewwww.
  2. :lol:
    well I have to confess no pity here with Ms. Parasite Hilton!
    she kind of asks for such things...

    but that said, it's not so cool that he did that.
  3. so sick. he definitely deserves a stiletto to the face.
  4. ahole!

  5. I have to disagree... unless she's sticking cameras up some other girl's dresses, I don't see how she's "asking" for it.. ?
  6. gross, that's pretty sick!, yea I agree there should be laws against it..
  7. what a douche bag!
  8. Where is her bodyguard? He needs to slam this guy up against a wall. That's just piggish and disgusting.
  9. With all of the paps and spectators around her, I have a feeling that she genuinely didn't know this was happening. I don't care for her at all, but this guy is pure slime. He deserves for someone to photograph his small appendage and post it all over the internet.
  10. She might have told him to do it just for funsies! Otherwise, he should be arrested!
  11. That is disgusting, no woman including Paris hilton deserves that. That guy is sick.
  12. well I was joking a bit, of course NO women deserves that kind of thing!
    buuut Paris Hilton is known for her infamous crotch shots while gettin out of the car wearin no panties, where you can see absolutley everything, and imo she kind of did that on purpose, because of the way she got out of the car, she must have known it was visible)

    but I repeat: of course this photographer is scum for doing that, no woman deserves it, it's humiliating!
  13. What a scumbag. Paris should have kicked him in his face for doing that.
  14. Disgusting!!
  15. I saw the video of this on TMZ she didnt seem to care at all. I would have at least given him a dirty look.