Watch options: help me decide!

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I am trying to decide which watch I want next. Keep in mind that I already have a Cartier Roadster. Since the Roadster is my "professional" watch for work and dressing up, I want more of a fun, statement watch.

    First, is the Cartier Santos 100 w/ mother of pearl face and white alligator strap


    Second, Cartier Santos 100 w/ pink face and white alligator strap


    Third, Cartier Santos 100 w/ white face and pink alligator strap. I am inclined to go with this because I can change the band to any color since the face is neutral


    And, I am also considering a white Chanel J12 (I think 38mm w/ diamond markers or maybe diamond bezel).

    I am so indecisive! Please help!
  2. I LOVE the santos 100, and I love all the colors you're looking at..... They're actually all fairly neutral and you can always switch band colors, if it were me I may go with the white face, there's something about a cartier watch with the black roman numerals that really grabs me. Good luck! Oh and the J12 is an awesome watch too, I'm just more in love with Rolex and Cartier.
  3. # 3 :tup:
  4. Definitely option #3! :smile:
  5. I like #1. :love:
  6. # 3. :tup:
  7. #3!!!
  8. Since you already have a Roadster - the J12!
  9. #1, mother of pearl is so classy
  10. #1 and white bands are perfect with so many things...
  11. I'd pick the J12.
  12. #12 Feb 4, 2009
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2009
    i would pick the j12 too. i was always in love with the j12 but resisted buying it because i thought it was too trendy. instead i bought a cartier tank francaise, two years later i bought a rolex, and then another.....and three watches later, i'm still yearning for the j12. (tip: for the j12, try to buy it from a jewelry store that is an authorized dealer, you'll get a better discount!)
  13. thanks for your opinions everyone! i think i may be leaning towards the j12 because i would love a watch with some diamonds (and a cartier w/ diamonds is wayyy out of my price range) and i love the look of it so much. still undecided though...
  14. ^ You can never go wrong w/ a J12, I have a black w/ diamond markers and a white plain one, and 3 Cartier watches but my everyday/go to watch J12:smile:
  15. #1

    Although I like pink, the first one has the nicest face. The strap can always be swapped out.