Was there a color that you never considered.....

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  1. Here is a questin for you all; has there ever been a b-bag color that you just did not like; a color that everyone RAVED about but you were just not feeling it?

    And then, did you out of the blue change your mind, purchased one, and now it is one of your favorites?

    Mine would without a doubt be Ink. I hated the color and did not understand why people loved it so much. However, I found my ink twiggy and now I wonder how I could have ever lived without it. :heart:

    Was there a color that you had a change of heart with?
  2. For me it was black.

    I swore I would never own a black bag. Then I got my 05 city and was instantly in love. So much so that I bought an 05 work :nuts:
  3. Vert D'eau (sp?) i bought it bc there was only one left and it was the brightest color they had in the city RH, and i was really on the fence about it, but now I just love it
  4. anthracite! everyone was freaking out about how awesome it was going to be and i thought it looked so boring and flat.
    now that i finally have my anthra work, i'm inlove :heart:
    also, never thought i would like the work style, no wondering how i ever lived without it!:P
  5. I actually felt that way the first time I saw the vert gazon day with GH on Katie Holmes. It looked cool to coordinate with her child in green but I just thought 'ack, that's too much'

    and now here I am the proud owner of one and loving it. It gets more compliments than other bbag that I own too.
  6. Same thing for me! I have never been a green gal and never, ever thought I would own a green bag but then I saw the vert gazon with GH and loved it.
    I get a lot of positive comments on the bag, except for DH who thinks I have totally lost it
  7. black

    i was looking into buying either an ink or white city, but after looking at way too many pictures of nicole ritchie and her black city, i ended up getting it.....

  8. LOL!!! Nicole Richie's black city makes me want one too, its TDF
  9. The green color always scared me. BUt more and more, I begin to understand pfm's fanaticism towards it. Apple green is simply tdf, and now VG is on my list too.

    Also, yellow never appealed to me. But now all I can think about is getting a yellow first. ;)
  10. I'd have to say Bubblegum Pink. I use to limit my purchases to black,brown, or white bags and when I caught the bbag bug it was all over. I've gotten so nutty that I coordinate my outfits to my 05' BG twiggy, Aqua city, and FB Matelasse.
  11. Violet.. I didn't think I liked it when it first came out, and didn't understand it's appeal. Now, I'm on the list for a grape first!
  12. 04 Lilac – I thought it was too washed out at first, but love it enough to get 2 styles in it.
  13. french blue!

    i thought it was WAY TOO BRIGHT and it looked like taxis (from where i'm staying, some taxis are french blue! lol!)

    but now, i love this colour but i'm still trying to decide style to get!;)
  14. Anthracite. I still don't really get the appeal.
  15. ANTHRACITE. I saw so many posts on the bbag forum about this color and scores of pics and just didn't get it. I thought, who would want a grey-green-blue bag? what does that go with? THEN I went to Printemps in Paris and went nuts over three different bags hanging on the wall - that looked like three different colors - and they were ALL ANTHRA! :nuts: When I touched them it was all over, and I came home with one. I now enjoy this color so much - I love it when I'm out with the bag and it surprises me - like it peeks out from under my arm in a different color from how I saw it earlier...or I touch it to get my phone out and forget what I'm looking for(it's the softest of all my bbags - even softer than my black 04, dare I say it?). Anyhoo, for me, anthra. :flowers: