Was there a color that you never considered.....

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  1. Bubble gum. Since I like Day Bags so much, I think in a day bag, it reminds me of a big wad of Bubble Gum. Maybe if they called it Petal Pink I wouldn't have thought that right away. Certain colors seem to do better in certain styles I think and names mean a lot. In the First it is very cute. If I saw it in a flat messenger, I think I would like it but haven't ever seen that. In too big a bag it just isn't the right color.
  2. Violet. I thought it was too cool for my coloring, so I always bought warmer colors. But after buying sapphire, I love it.
  4. i never thought i would get a purple bbag. a few months later, i have 3 bbags in the purple color family - yikes! an eggplant twiggy (which has the BEST broken-in leather), an 06 lilac first (color is very versatile and i love the first in this color), and an 03 lilac city (amazing leather and i love the pewter hardware!).
  5. Black.

    I am not into black bags - never have been. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on the forum last summer before my first Bal purchase in September. I had looked at all of the lovely colors (Aquamarine, Anthra), and in the end I came home with black.
  6. Bubblegum.:shame:
  7. Anything in pink....even when i was a child,i never wanted to wear pink!
    And now i just got an Amethyst City... and i love it! Although i'm telling myself it's rather purple than pink :whistle:
  8. Any green darker then Vert Gazon. Just not my thing
  9. Erm...black. :shame: Swore up-and-down that I'd never get a black bag while there were so many beautiful colours to choose from.

    Then I got a black city for my birthday, and haven't carried anything else since. Whoops!
  10. You took the words right out of my mouth! I also have an anthra work, and it was a last-minute impulse buy after I saw the color and long after everyone had been raving about it! The leather is SO smooshy and it goes with everything. LOVE!!:heart::drool:
  11. Same here!

    But then I saw one IRL and that sealed the deal- I had to have it :heart:


  12. Several but the one that comes to mind first it Apple Green. Don't get me wrong, the color is gorgeous and the leather is almost always perfection, but it's just a color that I would never end up using.
    Most blues, like French blue, electric blue. I don't really like blue at all, rarely wear clothing that color, but I love Turquoise shades of blue.
    Magenta. I love pink but Magenta is just too loud for me. I tried it, sold it right away.
    Also Sienna, too rusty.
    2006 Lilac debated forever, got one, should have gone with my instincts. Gorgeous bag and color, look hideous with my coloring.
  13. I never thought I'd buy a red bag, but bought rouge VIF after seeing all the bags here. Although nice, I sold it because I just never wore it.

    Black. I never desired black until everyone here said how practical it was. Bought an 05 city, but then sold it. Should've kept it. :Push:

    Aqua. When I saw it in person, it was unbelievable. Just gorgeous. It's much more vivid and greenish-blue than pics show.
  14. WHITE, I've always wanted a white Bbag(first Bbag I ever fell in love with was white). I always steered clear for fear of ruining it, but I just got my new white first today!!! It's a good thing I can fit some baby wipes in her :sweatdrop:
  15. I never thought I'd purchase a caramel bag - but then my black bags started looking so dark when it's 94 degrees out. I ended up with a '05 caramel shopping tote that is now my current fav!