Was there a color that you never considered.....

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  1. french blue. at first, i thought it was too bright, but there were so many fans of this color on the boards. i was swayed eventually. the blue just looks so vibrant. i haven't received the bag yet, so i could hate it once i see it irl, but i'm hoping that's not the case!
  2. White. I will never carry white bbag. It is beautiful, but it is so easy to get discolored.
  3. I totally understand what you feel, I also bought an Antra PT and the leather is so soft, I can't believe it.
  4. For me there have been a few. Most of them weren't colours I hated, just ones I felt rather indifferent toward. Then, one day - out of nowhere! - I suddenly loved the colour. Among them are Marigold, Cornflower and Magenta. I'm waiting on a RH Magenta City and Marigold First... we'll have to see what becomes of Cornflower. ;)
  5. Sandstone I thought it was so blah and unfun and too neutral at first but now I'm in love.
  6. Grenat and Anthracite.

    I honestly didn't like Grenat when it first came out and when I saw it in a store, but after seeing everyone's fab. Grenats, I began to go nuts over it.

    Same thing with Anthracite.

    Now, I'm a proud owner of Grenat Work and Anthracite City!
  7. I never got the appeal of Apple Green...some days I think it's growing on me, the next I'm like "yuck.":rolleyes:
  8. For me it would be the rouge vif. For so long I thought that rouge theatre was much better for me. But after I got my rouge vif I am loving it even more than the rouge theatre!
  9. I think the new Marigold will be the colour for me that I would never have considered. I always thought I would have a green First, but I am dreaming about Marigold a lot more. It's funny because I am naturally drawn to the greens & blues. Oranges / reds / yellows are normally too warm for me...But Marigold is doing something to me!
  10. For me it would be gray or natural.
  11. I didn't like Blue Glacier when I first saw it cause it's so veiny and the color is more muted then I usually like, but after seeing it more and more, I fell in love! I got a Money in BG, and I think the veininess is perfect for the color.
  12. ~bump~

    2005 magenta-initially, i thought it was too loud. but after seeing more and more pics, it hit me like a ton of bricks:noggin:
  13. No, not really a 'color', but most definitely a 'style'....the Day. I just bought my second Day (the first day went back to the store within a week) and I absolutely love it and want several more colors in the Day.
  14. Violet. Iswore purple didn't work for me and I'd never own apurple bag. Then I received a violet in a trade and it is so perfect for me lol.
  15. Mogano! I'm not really a Brown person, but there's something about the Brown w/red undertones in the Mogano that's making take a second look. I don't have one yet, but maybe sometime down the road.......