Vitello Bow: Any word on the Season 3 colours?

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  1. I know there are these three (below)... unconfirmed though, but anyone seen the new ones in store or heard anything on the grapevine?

    I know that there is the thread. I have trawled through it, but it seemed quite general to the bag whereas I'm interested in the new colours. Also, I'm sure some of you ladies & gents are awaiting with anticipation the new hues.

    What colours would you like for the new season? I am LOVING the lovely seagreen-esque Nappa Charm (last bag in the attachments) and would like to see this colour in the Bow, but I'm tempted to buy the Nappa anyway :o


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  2. I've not seen the others yet, but in the second week of January, I saw the second bow (the gold butterish looking one) at the Hong Kong Miu Miu boutique (: it was gorgeous and absolutely irresistible. too bad I'm on a ban sigh.
  3. i've seen the purple one, it looks really cool! but it doesn't really go with my wardrobe. *sigh*
  4. whats the first one call? i really like it!!! dont know what to tell the SA tho... please post the color names if anyone knows :smile: Thanks!!
  5. When do these come out?
  6. Im confused to which color to get in the bow bag. Nube or chocolate brown?
    Does anyone know if the Nube comes in the shiny leather or the old leather?
  7. I live very close to the Beverly Hills Miu Miu store and I've seen the new purple-y/lavender color in person (it's lighter than the one you have attached...). If I remember correctly, the salesperson said it was called Mughetto.
  8. That's weird... the Mughetto is this colour.. (attachment) from the first season. I don't think it'll come back :sad:

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  9. i've seen the new ones in Hong Kong miu miu store a few weeks ago but they are now all sold out already! :cry: There are just 2 colors left.. one is light pink/lavender and the other is light grey, not sure wut the names of these 2 colors are... All of them have the shiny finishing.
  10. Yeah, that's what I thought too... hence my initial apprehension. Maybe the sales person misspoke?
  11. Mughetto did come back in the new distressed leather. I believe its sold out again though. Heres the photo that Renato from BH Miu Miu sent me before.

  12. oh wow! that looks lush. glad it came back.
  13. in terms of shrewd business acumen, if miu miu/prada had any, they would bring back allumino asap! or at least have another shade of grey in some sort of buttery, non-glazed, leather. sigh, a girl can dream.
  14. Yes. :girlsigh:
  15. OMG i lovee the PINK! is it still available ANYWHERE???? TIA