Violet = Spring

  1. Purple crocus, a harbinger of Spring
    Flowering periwinkle spilling over the wall
    Deep purple lilacs, a heavenly fragrance floating on the air

    Color is evocative and this one is no exception...

    Can anyone spot the clue in this picture that identifies the style?
  2. Ah ha... it's the Violet Cabat!
  3. Ding, ding, ding! ;)
  4. Is it yours, do tell? I'm heading up to the SF boutique today.
  5. This beauty arrived yesterday. We can thank the newer digital camera for capturing the color perfectly, as you all know my photography skills are lacking.

    Yes, it is mine and a real keeper.

    Not too deep for me, but very saturated - here it is in front of a shade in a north facing window.
  6. OMG. The color is gorgeous.
  7. The color is indeed gorgeous - This is my favorite purple ever.

    Bella wanted to show off a little...She really wanted to get in on the action, but is not so sure about mom asking her to wear it. This picture is in front of a sheer curtain covering a west facing sliding glass door.
  8. OMG! I love that picture!!!!!!!!!^^^ I don't blame you for falling in love with the violet bag. The color is absolutely gorgeous and timeless! I love it. Enjoy to the fullest!
  9. Here are a couple more pictures...
    VCharpSS2012.jpg VCchairSS2012.jpg
  10. Ab****ely stunning, congrats!.....I would want one if only it has zipper closure!
  11. It's a beauty jburgh! I got to see it IRL the other day and it's a gorgeous color! If I didn't already have an orchid cabat I'd be all over this one. Enjoy!!!
  12. just beautiful jburgh. the color is amazing. is the leather nappa? all the pictures are gorgeous. congrats and enjoy-
  13. wowza is right! gorgeous cabat in a gorgeous color. congratulations on your new acquisition!
  14. J! Here I was out shopping and missed the grand reveal! I *knew* this was what you received - I remember clearly when you said ... '....this will be mine...', I knew it was only a matter of time ...

    Congratulations... the perfect purple for the perfect BVette!
  15. Awesome! I hv been only 750 pieces made! Congrats