Violet = Spring

  1. Gorgeous! :smile:
  2. beautiful, congrats~~
  3. somehow I knew visiting the BV forum was going to be a slippery slope - this purple is amazing!!!!! congrats!
  4. Jburgh -- what a beautiful bag to welcome spring with!! It's lovely!
  5. jburgh - what a gorgeous looking cabat!! the color is absolutely amazing... so vibrant and cheerful :biggrin:
  6. Wow!!! What a beauty and lovely pictures!
  7. I think I've fallen in :love: with your beautiful cabat! The color is jaw dropping amazing and gorgeous. Congratulations and enjoy!
  8. Fabulous!!! Love the doggie wearing the bag:smile:
  9. Gorgeous! The Cabat is lovely too...
  10. very beautiful
  11. This is too beautiful!!
  12. ooooeeeeeee, that is gorgeous jb!!! I need to say off this all your pics. Do you play the harp?
  13. This purple is so vibrant and gorgeous! Congrats Jburgh. :smile:
  14. Gorgeous! Just gorgeous! Love the color. Congrats!
  15. :lol: