Violet = Spring

  1. Amazing. I love everything about it. Congratulations!
  2. gorgeous, simply breath taking!!! :drool:
  3. Super excited for you, that bag is b-e-a-utiful!!
  4. Beautiful! Congratulations!
  5. Looks like Bella needs a purple collar as the color looks good on her.

    Beautiful cabat!
  6. Just too lovely for words!
  7. Jburgh, that is beautiful....You are ready for Spring..I just love it.....So excited for you...
  8. Wonderful rich color. Congrats and enjoy your harbinger of spring!
  9. What a Beauty!Congrats!
  10. Congrats on a gorgeous cabat! The violet color is delicious....:smile:
  11. Beautiful...Almost as lovely as Bella!!!
  12. Stunning!! Congratz...
  13. I love this color!
  14. JBurgh - I am thrilled to be your violet sister. I love the photo of Bella wearing your bag. She has that almost guilty what did I do doggy look in her eyes.
  15. Wait...did you bring one home with you too?