Vintage Hermès better quality?

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  1. I watched a yutuber comment on quality over Hermès and Chanel bags. She thinks quality on modern piece is Not as good as older piece. Do you agreed?
  2. My bags range from 1940s to last year and I don't think the quality of the workmanship has declined but the details, features and degree of difficulty of pieces has (particularly on the interior of bags) i.e. can you imagine the price of a new Sac Mallette or a fully kitted out Pullman now?
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  3. Posting about the Sac Mallette made me think of mine. Just went to the closet to take a peek
    & in spite of not wearing for a bit of time, glad to have the old gal around
    Maybe a good time now to take her out for a whirl
  4. I’d love to see your Hermes circa 1940’s- pretty -please❤️
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  5. That is exactly what she said. So, it is pretty much for a lot of things now. Fast and quick, no time for details. Labor cost higher, cannot afford to have the craftsman to seat there all day to perfect their craft.
  6. Arceau Clutch

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  7. yes ! honestly in ostrich its beautiful ! the stitching and the matte beautiful effect
  8. Leather is a natural material and does vary.
    Just like man other things, there are enthusiasts who prefer bags dating from earlier periods.
    There are Golden Ages when the quality of some of the hides and dyes are considered particularly good.
    That is more mystique of bygone ages than hard facts.
    There is no suggestion that the quality of bags constructed now is any less good than it was in the past.

    However there does seem to be dissatisfaction with thequality of bags from the other fashion house you mentioned.
  9. The oldest H bag I have is from 1999, the newest from last month. They actual quality of my bags has not declined over the years.
  10. I do think vintage box leather is better than that available for the past 10-15 years. I know my 1973 black box retourne Kelly looks better!
  11. Do you have new season box to compare it? I have a 90's green box which looks too beautiful for words, but nothing later to compare it with.
  12. I am not disagreeing at all, but I would ask the question if the older Box is preferred because it has had twenty years or so to mature and develop that deep patina?
  13. There is something quite amusing because this conversation is a constant for every brand, on every forum. I really think we look at the past with rose-colored glasses.
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  14. I last compared it to new box about 4-5 years ago in NYC. It's not the patina (but that does help!), it's just a finer grained leather. I think getting really fine box leather in any brand is hard today.
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  15. YESSSSSSSS :drinks:
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