Vintage Hermès better quality?

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  1. I have been thinking about buying a Chanel bag and have been reading that forum. SO many quality issues and it sounds like Chanel is not very helpful. We do read about H quality issues, but it does not seem on the same scale and Hermes does not usually tell you to go jump in a lake if a bag falls apart. It makes me nervous, and makes me want to stick to Hermes.
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  2. I own bags from both brands, and I like the security that Hermes spa service provides. I haven't purchased a Chanel bag since 2014/2015 for this exact reason - the new bags feel less luxurious and quickly made. Almost costume-like? It's almost like comparing costume jewelry to fine jewelry. Both can be beautiful, but one of them is not known for its longevity.
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  3. I agree, after my last experience with Chanel, i decided to stick with hermes. the only way I will buy Chanel is second hand and vintage.
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  4. Agreed about "quickly made"!

    I bought a hard-to-find bag a few years ago at the "mother ship" on my last day of vacation. When I got home I noticed that the flap was crooked and there were a few other craftsmanship problems.

    Since then I have noticed that quality complaints here on TPF have increased. I haven't bought a Chanel bag since.
  5. I agree with you about interiors. Older bags came with little mirrors and key pouches and lipstick holders... what happened to those things?
  6. We have to buy them as extras :biggrin:
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  7. I always wonder what someone means when they say "vintage". One of my friends said the other day that she was wearing a vintage bag, and it was only five years old! To me, that is not vintage.

    I think in general, the quality changes year to year (sometimes good, sometimes bad). Leather can change over time, especially depending on the age of the bag and if it was stored in a dry versus humid climate. So the question is, is it really that a vintage bag was made better, or was it cared for properly and seems to be better because of the natural aging process and the patina it may have developed?
  8. Vintage = 20 years+. Your friend is mistaken. Lol
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  9. I think there are two sides to this. On one hand, probably the older bags that didn't hold up well are already in the trash. The bags and clothes we are left with are the lightly used ones or the better quality items that held up.

    But then on the other hand, it's obvious that changes have been made for various reasons in manufacturing that may or may not be perceived as resulting in a lower quality product, but that does mean the items are easier to manufacture, made with less expensive materials or with what would be considered "short cuts" according to leather craftsmanship standards... . This includes fabric lining in lieu of leather lining, or no lining at all, pockets that are not interior pockets, but pouches or just compartments, all less labor intensive than interior pockets and leather lining. In LV or Chanel bags, there are thinner layers of leather on top of plastic panels in some bags for structure (and you might argue lightness..) instead of thicker leather which I highly doubt was the case in the 50s. I also think fast fashion and the "insta lifestyle" trend jas resulted in a focus on form over substance. The environmental trend is another one that has a great impact on the materials the brands chose to use, like no more exotics at Chanel and less fur. But the prices are still similar for the "vegan" version... There's much more to this (such as some people thinking 'tailoring' is about getting formal style clothing and not actually fitting clothes to your body..) but anyways...
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