Vintage Hermès better quality?

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  1. I agree with you and really don't know why- because when I look at vintage fashion photos, I cannot help thinking how uncomfortable everyone was tottering around with squished toes in high heels, and wearing dresses and jackets that just seem quite restrictive. Heavy bags too and unwieldy suitcases.
  2. LOL I almost thought you were talking about today - with the 5 inch heels, spanx, and high waisted everything.
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  3. me too!
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  4. Some of the Box around 2011 had stratifications and was quite soft. However, I saw a Sac a Depeches a couple of years later (PO at Christmas) at the time of 'no Box available' and it was fine.

    Look at the Box nerd thread for further info. It all depends on how you like your Box. '90s is typically very nice indeed (like my RH Bolide).
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  5. I agree.
    It's not nostalgia if you have the actual items in front of you for comparison. I also suppose there was less competition for suppliers in those days and H was trying to please a very exacting market. The inside leather of the 1940s bag above is so soft I thought at first it was doe leather (like that used for ladies gloves). Lovely hand but not exactly durable for everyday.
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  6. They had porters in those days, on trains as well as planes, now we're lucky if we can find a seat on a train. Most high heel shoes had extra padding under the metatarsal and some shoes had elastic at the top of the heel so they wouldn't slip off - and we're not only talking designer. Suits, shirts and skits were tailored to fit even if bought from dept stores. Look where elastic waists and lycra trousers have got us LOL.
  7. Can't you see it?
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  8. I saw it after I posted:blush: it's beautiful!:love:
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  9. I agree but today you have a choice to dress well and be comfortable. Fashion is much broader. You can choose not to have spandex and 5 inch heels in your wardrobe, and instead keep your body in shape, wear leather trainers and a silk dress.
  10. No , the leather is thicker and stiffer.
    True but please note I meant them as extreme examples vs plucked out of my own life. I do agree it's a choice as fashion is a choice as beauty is both subjective and objective.
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  11. There's perceived choice.

    I don't see the same attention to bags' interiors in detail and terms of organisation it's indicative of what we get used to, if it's not there, we can't choose it. Even the Victoria's travel tag was phased out. I don't remember H lowering the price of the newer Victorias. Likewise I don't see padding placed inside H heels.
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  12. I'm hopeful that in 2088 my bags will be in as good condition as this baby, who is 68 this year and has never had a spa trip.

  13. I have H bags from the early 90s through now. I think the quality is the same but I also think some of the leathers/skins were arguably “better” in the past. I say that because some things were available then that aren’t any longer such as B35s in chèvre, relatively large bags in lizard etc. Sadly, we know why they’re not available any more. Environmental awareness also led to new regulations which affected the tanning industry. There was less concern about weight (or maybe the necessary technology was unavailable to thin hides) so most of my older Togo bags for instance are thicker and heavier. Also shinier because the tanning method was different. It’s not so much a quality difference as it is a necessary and inevitable evolution in the times. If it’s possible, my new bags look more refined to me than some of the older ones. Regardless, then and now, H represents the very best examples of handmade, beautiful, heirloom, human craftsmanship. And there is nothing, nothing!, like a brand new H bag.
  14. Outstanding
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  15. I don't think you can put Hermes and Chanel together in this. I am not an Hermes collector like others in this forum who would be able to give a more informed view, but I have Hermes bags ranging from the 1960s to 2019, and I think Hermes quality is consistently very high. There are things like them producing more bags in stamped leathers than heritage leathers nowadays, or how modern bags have less detail as @papertiger says, but that is about market demand more than anything...
    With Chanel I do think there is a huge difference, specially with seasonal bags.
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