Video: CL 2008 Collection

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  1. Nice! Thank you for sharing!

    (Is it just me or is this guys voice... um, interesting?) :s
  2. Wow, that is a very innovative way to get sales!
  3. I completely agree.. he barely even knows what he is talking about. I am an 18 year old guy and despite no sales experience I can say that I am WAY more qualified to sell CLs than this man. I know the styles, skins, colours, heel heights, what is comfortable, what is chic, and most of all I am not WEIRD like him.

    :hysteric: That should be my job.
  4. Lots of shoes! I really liked the boot, sexy ;).
    But, no Rolando. I died a little.
  5. This guy has no clue what he's talking about. He knows a little I suppose..but he's not qualified. :s
  6. Ohhh, thanks for sharing!!!
  7. very creepy. he repeatedly said how comfortable the shoes were. how would he know?
  8. It sort of weirds me out the way the guy is talking about the shoes. I too was wondering how he'd know how comfortable they are? What a weirdo. He's probably some shoe perve who took his camcorder to Saks and shot a video while touching himself.
  9. Call the :police:...

  10. Guess.
  11. :s
  12. i think this guy is a member of TPF..he posted a picture of him and CL..
  13. Ladies, I would watch what you say. He is a valued SA at Neiman Marcus in the Chicago area and I have personally dealt with him. He is very nice and goes the extra mile to look for items that are hard to find. And, he sends photos of everything that is currently available from CL, Gucci, Manolo, etc.

    But, yes I think he is a member of TPF so I would choose your words carefully b/c even though he is a grown man, some of the comments are unnecessary.

    I'm not trying to preach or anything, but merely saying have some respect.
  14. I COMPLETELY agree with ashakes. Rude comments should be kept to yourselves and not shared with others. Like ashakes said, he is a VALUED SA at NM AND member of this forum.