1. I just purchased a gorgeous red leather "VALENTINA" purse made in Italy and i am not familiar w/the brand, has any1 heard anything good/bad about it?

    this is their website but u gotta request the catalogue if u wanna see it
  2. ^
    Where did you buy this bag? I was contemplating the purchase of this really nice leather messenger bag by Valentina that I saw at Marshalls but decided against it because of the color. It was an orange-brown color - more on the orange side, though.
  3. Hey!! I just bought a Valentina also. It seems to be really well made and of great leather.
  4. I've noticed a couple on eBay and the leather looks thick and nice ... is it?
  5. There are Valentina's at my TJMaxx, and they are very nice bags. You might want to check there. They are selling in the $129 range.......
  6. I bought a beautiful Valentina cream tote with tan leather straps at Marshall's awhile back. I haven't used it yet, waiting for warmer weather. I paid $99 for it and love it. Usually the Valentina's at Marshall's or TJ Maxx are odd colors, oranges and yellows. That cream tote was one of the few conservative Valentinas I've seen there.
  7. don't know anything about it but you should post a picture of yours! :smile:
  8. I saw a presentation of Valentina bags on QVC once. They said that she was a relative of some major European designer, I forget which one.
  9. Yes...the leather is very nice!!
  10. I just purchased a Valentina - my first one at Marshall's. It's a med. brown tote with yellow straps - quite cute! I looked them up a bit and I heard they're quite well known in Italy...amazing how they're not astronomically expensive 'cuz they really are well made.
  11. My mom bought a Valentina purse like over 15 years ago, I'm not sure if she still uses it or not but I know it's still in great shape. I'm kind of befuddled by the fact that they aren't that expensive either, because they seem to be made very well and are made in Italy.
  12. I just bought a gorgeous red alligator patterned leather Valentina purse at TJ Maxx for $99.00. I've never seen Valentinas anywhere other than TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but that doesn't mean they aren't nice bags. They may not have the status of some designer brands; however, the quality is excellent for the price.
  13. The only white bag I have is a Valetina tote from TJM. I bought a couple of years ago and I use it in the summer. Very nice, thick leather!
  14. VALENTINA: Got a great one last year in Marshall's. I never heard of it either but I'm happy with mine. Wasn't looking for a bag - I have too many already - but the color caught my eye, a sort of geranium color in pebbled (which I have heard called "tumbled") leather, silver hardware and not too much of it and my prime requirements of zip top, not too huge, and shoulderability. I popped it in my cart and trundled it around gazing at it for 15 minutes telling myself I didn't need it but in the end I succumbed and bought it for $129. This is my Go-To-bag, and at least two of my friends have asked me to leave it to them in my will. I get many admiring comments on it from people in shops and on the street. I have carried it for more than a year now, almost every day, nearly year-round. Once in a while I'm wearing lime green or red which just doesn't go and I switch off, but as most of my wardrobe is black-brown-taupe-grey-beige-ivory, it works. The leather is really quality, construction is good. I still cruise the bag department at TJ's and Marshall's and a lot of the attractive ones are Valentina. It doesn't have a brand presence or rep but I'd buy another one in a heartbeat (if I "needed" another bag....).

    I would never pay more than $200 for a bag and am not a label-worshipper, but of course mostly the good stuff is the well made stuff. Once in a while I buy a knock off bag on the street in NYC, their downfall is the hardware and no "bumper" on the bottom and the leather smells peculiar.

    Gosh, remember when you were supposed to match your bags to your shoes??
  15. I just bought one of these - I was looking for an orange purse (latest obsession) and bought one in a GREAT red-orange color. I've only worn it out twice so far and can't tell you the number of compliments I've gotten on it, from both strangers, friends AND straight guys. ;)

    The quality is great, the leather is like butter. Definately worth the money!