Using Mirroir Keepall

  1. I have a silver Miroir keepall - I use it to travel - carryon only, last night went to a opera in the park and took it as a picinic basket - When i bought it my SA asked am I going to use it or keep it as a collector's piece - he was shocked when I said i am going to use it.

    It gets fingerprints - it has one or two TINY scratches - but I dont mind - I just love using it and these bage are meant to be worn right??

    So, I guess what I am asking is.....Am I foolish to use it so often and for so many thing??

    BTW - a young girl (17 maybe) was wlaking down the street after the concert and just shouted at me - "cool bag" - thats another reason I love it - It makes other poeple happy too - I'm sharing the love.....
  2. LV is meant to be used... good for you for taking it out and letting it breathe!
  3. I don't think so. I usually take my Speedys out on weekends and my gold pochette out at night :yes:
  4. Share the love is right. Seeing it go down the street would brighten my day and I'd be whispering 'bag alert 12 o'clock' to whoever's with me. It's meant to be worn so carry on!
  5. how about share it with me.. haha jk.. use it!! it wants to be used! i would die to have one.. well not die.. i could have.. but couldn't justify the price tag.. ouch!
  6. I usually justify the price with my LV - shoes, small leather goods etc - but when I saw this all reason went out the window - had never really seen much miroir - just in pics - was walking past boutique - wasnt even planning to go in - but I was mesmerised - went in put it on hold. Got home thought about it - called my SA and said to take it off hold. Agonised and thought about it for a week, then decided to go in and buy it - but it was on hold for someone else (the only one in the country BTW) so my SA called the other person and they decided against - so it was mine!!!! But I bought it Duty Free - so had till wit until the next day to pick it up from the airport! I opened it for the first time in an airport lounge!!!! It got put to use (as carryon) right away!!!
  7. ITA! :yes:
  8. For sure CARRY it!!! Its to beautiful to just sit in a closet...whats the point!!
  9. ITA with Sunshine!:yes:
  10. I would love to see it out and about! Good for you, and I am glad you are enjoying it so much! I'd be doing the same as Memory Bliss, pointing it out to who I was with - LV alert or what not .. As long as the odd nick and scratch just adds a bit of lifes momemts to your bag, keep it up :smile: I'm smiling just thinking of you taking it as a picnic basket - now thats style!
  11. I agree with everyone, use it!! =)
  12. Use it!!! I would kill for one...
  13. Use it use it use it!!!!:yes:
  14. I would use it.
  15. Definitely use it, it was meant to be used and if you dont mind the odd little scratch then its ok :smile: