Unquilted Bay - classic or trendy?

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  1. I saw a wonderful Bay in the SALE (50%). The colours ar camel and elephant. The sizes medium and large. I love the colours and the style, but I´m not sure if I should buy it or a new season bag. The camel is medium, - the elephant is one size bigger than on the pic. I prefer the camel colour, but the bigger size. What would you do?


  2. :wondering I think I´ve been posting this in the wrong section, this should be under the Chloé section :shame: - could please someone move it - this would be so kind :biggrin:
  3. Where are they on sale? I've been lusting for a quilted Bay for so long but a normal one would def do it too...

    I think they are classic!!
  4. At the Chloe Boutique in Munich, Germany :biggrin:
  5. I love the unquilted Bay, I think they are classics with a nice touch of 70ies retro, which makes it look young to me. Love the leather on them. I like both colours, but the camel looks more appealing to me, too. I would probably pick the medium sized one, but then I am not as tall (165 cm). But I'd go for the Bay! (Just took a short glance recently when I passed by the shopping display, but I am banned at the moment, so I wasn't indulging....)
  6. I love the tan one you posted, it's such a pretty color and shape. I can't imagine getting sick of it.
  7. I would prefer the tan one because of the shade and the size...
  8. Love the unquilted over the quilted. Great neutral colors. That's tough. I love older styles. The newer styles will still be around.
  9. I think it's classic. Whenever I carry mine, I still get compliments.
  10. Classic :tup:

    Both are gorgeous. Though I like the color of the first one, I prefer the size of the second. So I guess I'm no help.
  11. I have an unquilted bay in the camel/tan color - it is a great neutral, and the style of bag is not what i would consider trendy - it would go with a lot and can be worn casual or dressy....

    good luck in deciding :smile:
  12. Guess I am beat since I am not in Germany =(
  13. Camel! Oh go for the Camel! :nuts: It's perfect, that's the colour I'm going to get mine in. One day....haha.:P

    I think the non-quilted bay is a really practical style that wouldn't really date, and although I like the elephant colour, caramel has my heart!
  14. Thank you girls - I took a look at it again today - the bag is really wonderful - and I`m leaning towards the camel one ;) The colour is called melitta, is it the same as caramel?
  15. I love the Caramel one....definitely a classic!