Unmarried/single women wearing engagement type rings

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  1. I embrace the idea, however I am very non traditional. I think that times have changed. I see a lot of diamond solitaries now on women who I personally know are not engaged, and I think it looks great. SO just got me a diamond promise ring. If we suddenly broke up, of course I would still wear it because it's a really pretty ring. (Better to wear things than just have them sit there anyways.) I think bigger, solitaire style diamonds are often misinterpreted as engagement rings and that simply isn't the case. We are in an age now where independent women buy fancy jewelry for themselves and wear it with pride--rings included--so I don't see anything wrong with it. I think the same of myself if many years from now, I never get engaged. Am I never gonna wear my dream ring if I never get married? Absolutely not. Life is too short. Wear what you like.
  2. Do whatever make you happy! I currently have one on my right hand and I love it!
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  3. I love this idea & sentiment!!! Buy what you love & what brings you joy. You don't have to wait for someone to buy it for you! If you love the style, wear it & Rock It!!! It's really all about what you want anyway!!
  4. Heyy girlfriend you should totally go for it! That's exactly what I did before I was married. I love diamond rings and couldn't wait for a man to put a ring on me, so I went ahead and bought myself a right-hand middle finger ring. No one ever questioned me if I was engaged or whatnot and most comments were pretty positive.
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  5. If she's wearing it on her right hand as she plans I doubt that would be an issue.
  6. Why not? Most people won't think you're engaged, a few might thing you "were" at some point but that's it. Besides, who cares? If you love a specific ring, get it.
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  7. I wear this ring on my left hand ring finger. I love this ring so much and don't care if others judge :smile: wear what makes you happy!

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  8. As Shirley Bassey sang in Diamonds Are Forever, "Diamonds are forever, they are all I need to please me...they won't leave in the night...diamonds never lie to me...diamonds are forever, forever, forever." Buy your ring, wear it, love it! A right hand diamond ring won't stop anyone truly interested in a love connection with you so don't worry about that. And no, it won't look funny, it will look marvelous!
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  9. Go for it! Life is too short. Every woman needs a "me" ring.
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  10. I see no problem with this. You are wearing it on your right hand so I don't see why anyone would ask if you were engaged. I think you should get the ring!
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  11. I am the only one who would disagree here, but I think it will make you look engaged. If you don't want to give that message, then choose a different type of ring.
  12. Fun fact! In many countries, wedding rings are worn on the right hand.
  13. I don't think wearing a cushion cut diamond ring on your right ring finger would look strange. That's a beautiful cut. I think it would also look awesome on your middle finger of either hand. I agree with others who have voiced "wear what makes you happy" Life is short, enjoy :smile:
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  14. I wore my grandmother's 3ct diamond solitaire on my right hand before I got married. I got lots of questions - and compliments - on it, and I intentionally kept my left hand empty because I was dating my now-husband and wanted no confusion. It's rarely worn now that I'm married and writing this makes me think it needs a turn out of the box!
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  15. I would not wear it. You will look like a divorced woman who wants to wear her ring because it's one of the nice pieces of jewelry she has. I know that sounds bad and harsh but that is how it will look. And I know, everyone says who cares what other people think, but the reality is we do care which is why we are on a forum to get ideas and feedback.

    I would buy a nice gorgeous ring, but with a different look. A gorgeous cocktail size ring. Then you will look like a successful classy lady.
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