Unmarried/single women wearing engagement type rings

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  1. I also agree that you should wear what makes you happy. I have a engagement looking ring I wear on my ring finger but it's not diamond and it's from Pandora. I haven't gotten any questions about it, well a former coworker asked me if it was real once and I was like no it's cz, I was a teller at a bank, they knew how little I made. Lol.
  2. I wore a small fancy yellow diamond ring for the longest time, it was my right hand ring. People wouldn't care if they see it on your right hand, they would only suspect that you are engaged/married if it's on your left ring finger. My mom recently just went through her third divorce and she's under 50, Lord :shocked:, but she also went out and got herself a 1 carat D IF diamond ring. According to her, it was supposed to bring her luck. She now wears it on her right ring finger :angel:
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  3. I certainly think you should be able to buy and wear any style of ring you want, but would wear it on another finger other than your left ring finger. I'm older (looking 60 in the eye) and old school, so if I see a ring on someone's left ring finger, makes me think engaged or married.
    You've got lots of other fingers that suite rings.
    I think this a North American way of thinking though, I read from fonts in here from other countries that diamond engagements rings are not the norm for them.
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  4. Yep especially in continental Europe. That's why I wear my (a rather large engagement style) Sapphaire halo ring on my middle finger.
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  5. With all due respect but it really is YOU THINK OP "will look like a divorced woman who wants to wear her ring because it's one of the nice pieces of jewelry she has. I know that sounds bad and harsh but that is how" YOU THINK "it will look."
    As clearly shown in this thread, there are many people who don't think like you at all.
  6. just don't wear it on the traditional ring finger
  7. divorced woman wear their former wedding rings?..on the other hand?.. ha?....never heard or seen that one before...
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  8. Okay, I had exactly same concern, and went for it)))
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  9. Wear what you want, how you want, where you want, and whenever you want. If it gives you a bright smile to match, then so much the better.
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  10. Buy it, wear it, rock it :tup:

    This thing where jewellery is ipso facto linked to a woman's relationship status is confected nonsense that came about because an advertiser wanted to sell more diamonds for women to wear in a time when women had very little financial agency, so they had to sell them to men to give to women in their lives.

    Certainly some people may ask whether you are engaged but that's not a big deal - tell them 'No', smile sweetly and continue on your merry way :yes:
  11. I have a beautiful engagement ring from my ex... 2ct center with 1ct on each side. I wear it on my left hand. My husband supports me in wearing it as he knows I love jewelry and it is a beautiful ring. He also knows I have a past but I’m married to him. Do what makes you happy
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  12. what an understanding husband! good for you! if it was me in your position I would also keep the ring! I love jewelries as well. besides if I had a daughter from that marriage I could give it to her one day to remember that once upon a time her mom and dad loved each other. its a beautiful ring so why not use it regardless!
  13. when I was single I loved going to the jewelry stores and looking at their solitaire rings. I was always drawn to a simple diamond solitaire ring. I promised myself if I can finally afford it I'm gonna buy it right away. Its easier to save money than wait for a guy to buy it for me imo. lol. unfortunately, I had other expenditures that I never afforded to buy one. but I still frequent those stores. that time I didn't know anything about those 4Cs and I didn't care. My husband finally bought me a solitaire ring only after 3 years of marriage! my point is, you can buy that ring regardless if you are single or not. I know a friend who bought for herself and posted it on Instagram!