Unmarried/single women wearing engagement type rings

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  1. Curious to know what you all thought about this. Do you think it looks odd? I have gotten to a point in my life where I don't know if "it" will happen and this is ok with me. I would love to buy myself a nice diamond ring for a milestone birthday this year. And one ring that stands out to me is a diamond cushion cut halo ring. I'd wear the ring on my right hand but do you think that would look funny? I don't want to get questions about are you engaged. At the same time I don't think only engaged women should get to sport a beautiful engagement type ring (and I have nothing against engaged or married women so please don't read into this!). I don't particularly like the look of three stone or other types of diamond rings. But I'm also open to other suggestions for a nice ring. I personally don't like gemstones or anything that is busy.
  2. I think you should buy whatever makes you happy. if you wear it on your right hand middle finger I feel you will avoid engagement questions.
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  3. 100% agree on this! :smile:
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  4. I think you should buy and wear what makes you happy and rock it! I'm single and wear two diamond eternity rings on my right hand, and yesterday bought a love bracelet-all 'usually' gifts from ones loved one but if anyone asks me who gifted them to me I simply reply 'me'! Why should married people have all the fun?!
  5. If you love it get one! I agree - why should you have to wait for someone else to buy something for you? And if you do get engaged down the line you'll have options. I say go for it!

    I wear my moms reset engagement diamond in an engagement style on my right hand often... it's sentimental. I was only asked once it if was an e ring and of course my boyfriend was sitting right there lol.
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  6. I rarely visit this sub forum, but just wanted to throw my thoughts in here. A few years ago, I also had a milestone birthday. Happily, it coincided with a work-bonus, so I bought myself a cushion-cut diamond ring. It's not an E-ring, it's a ME-ring :giggle:
    I still wear it every day - and still get like very compliments about it. I agree with poster who said buy whatever makes you happy. ❤️
  7. I agree "girlfriend" buy what makes you happy. Just maybe this ring will open up the opportunity to meet Mr. Right. Have you seen Muriel's Wedding, she bought the dress and her dreams came true. Seriously, you should go for i t. If I wanted a LOVE bracelet that bad, I would have bought it myself.
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  8. Love this! And 100 percent agree with everyone.
  9. I love the idea of a ME ring. Would like love to see all the single ladies sporting their ME [emoji183]!
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  10. +1
  11. Agree with everyone above. Go for it!!
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  12. absolutely!..great idea ...wear it on your right hand and enjoy!!!..share the pic when you get it...
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  13. +1
  14. I believe there are TPFers who wear e rings but are not engaged, so you certainly wouldn't be alone!
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  15. I would certainly say buy what makes you happy :smile:

    I know some girls who wear diamond rings they purchased on their ring finger even though they are not engaged. One of them had an "independence ring' she bought years before I met her, and wore it on her ring finger randomly one day. I squealed in excitement when she wore it the first time on that finger thinking her and her partner got engaged, as they were close friends of mine. Alas it wasn't to be she said "she wore it so men wouldn't think she was single and chat her up". I didn't have any problem with it then or now tbh. I wish she warned me though so I didn't get all excited hahaha.

    The more bling, the merrier right? ;)
    Happy birthday!