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Universe: 1. IntlSet: 0.... jobs?


Stars Hollow
Feb 13, 2006

If you are looking into museums and such, have you considered areas in NJ outside of NYC. I know that there are several small/medium museums in both Newark and Montclair in NJ. Some of my friends broke into NYC museums by starting in some of these smaller museums. Plus, you could live in some nice areas in NJ just outside of NYC (like Hoboken which is tons of fun and a few minutes from the city, but a lot less expensive!) Let me know if you look into this area because I have a good friend who is a realtor in Hoboken and another collegue who owns multiple properties in and around Hoboken that he rents out.

Good Luck with whatever you decide. We're all pulling for you!


window shopping
Nov 18, 2005
it's hard to get your first "real" job after university. took me a month or so after graduation. but once i started working and got some experience i had no problem getting interviews and other offers. i think it's just breaking into your industry initially that's rough. keep at, it'll work out! :biggrin: