Universe: 1. IntlSet: 0.... jobs?


Just 1 more, I swear...
Feb 24, 2006
Noriko said:
Wow that sucks! I hope you find the job of your dreams soon, maybe all of the ones you didnt get were just making room for the kick ass one you'll get :biggrin:

Agree! I was searching high and low for a job when I moved here, took me 4 months, hundreds of resumes, 2 phone interviews, 2 regular interviews, til I got this one. I was sooo close on getting another one before this one, but sooo glad I didn't get it, cos this one pays SO much more! Don't worry IntlSet, you'll get yours too soon :biggrin:


Oct 23, 2005
I can't tell you how many jobs I applied for when I was nearing graduation last year. I think every company in the Orlando area has a copy of my resume :lol: I went to some terrible interviews, but treated each opportunity as a way to get my foot in the door.

Jasanna's right about people you know... a couple of interviews I scored through "contacts". Do you have any sort of work you can put together as a portfolio? Keep applying, don't give up. It took me almost three months the first time I went on the job hunt - got fired six weeks later (ugh), went straight back to square one, and that time it took me two months to find something. Have faith, stay positive, and keep flooding the job market with your resume. You will find something!
Have you tried applying for some internships as well? I know from friends in art history that museum positions are super difficult to find, but internships can help set you up with contacts in the field. Plus some internships can turn into full-time positions if a job opens up!

You're obviously very well-spoken and intelligent, you'll definitely find a position. It just takes awhile in a humanities field!


En Vogue
Sep 13, 2005
IntlSet said:
Man, I'm bummed. I go to what's considered a good university, I'm graduating with two degrees, I have excellent grades and pretty relevant work experience... maybe my cover letter is arrogant (tooting my own horn too loudly?)?... But I heard hardly anybody even reads those, they just go straight to the resume. I know that my old boss never read cover letters, he used to tear them off and throw them away!

:sad2: Tough market!

actually, i read an article a while ago where they interviewed someone from HR of a big firm and that guy said if the covering letter sucks he throws the application away, unread.
but i guess that varies.
good luck, hang in there!


Jan 20, 2006
Intl, I'm in art history as well -- most of my friends are too -- and we've all experienced the same thing with museum jobs. I've done numerous internships, term positions and contracts with national museums. It definitely is a very 'tight' field. I don't know anybody, yet (except for some European friends -- there is a different system for getting hired on into the museum world in, say, Germany, from what I understand) who has 'broken in.' Hopefully soon!


Plisse Me!
Feb 4, 2006
IntlSet - First, if you get a job offer, jump on it. It's always 100 times easier getting a job when you already have one vice not having one. Second, what people are saying here about contacts are the best way of getting a job are absolutely correct. Third, have you considered going to a job fair to hone your interview and resume tactics? That may be helpful.

I can understand that you're down about it right now. The market right now is tough. Sometimes, the hardest part is just getting the foot in the door. I am certain that once you do that, you'll get a terrific job! Hang in there, sweetie.


The Bargain Hunter
Dec 12, 2005
The interviewers spend about 6 seconds looking over a resume from a stack. Unless something pops out or they see what they are looking for, they pass it and go on to the next.

Getting an interview is good. Getting a couple would be nice out of all that you have sent it. Just remember that they're really picky and they spend about 6 seconds flipping through each resume.


Mar 5, 2006
I think one of the best way (at least for me) is to go for a job fair. I went 2 times and I got a job offered both times. When they get to see you and talk with you in person, I think you have a much better chance of going to the next level, getting the interview.

**sending lots of luck your way**


Mar 10, 2006
Have you tried a temp agency? You can usually get a job at a great company ASAP, but it's temp so there is no risk for the company trying you out. If they like you they will hire you on a permanent basis. I know lots of people who got hired this way. Check your local paper for temp agencies. Don't get discouraged, I was like you 10 years ago, everything works out. Temping is great while you look for a job.


Perhaps, Love?
Feb 25, 2006
ShoppeGirl said:
Have you tried talking to your professors? Would it be safe for me to assume that the field your interested in working in is related to your major? If so, start knocking on the doors of your professors . . . the often do have contact outside of the academic world! Good luck!!

I agree! The professors has very good resources from former students/colleagues... if you can ask them for referrals, it will work out great

DON'T give up, it doesn't matter how many resumes you sent, as long as you get one job at the end, that's all it matters!

Another tip, look for part-time or internship opportunities for the summer that might convert into a FULL time job in the fall. Some of my friends did it this way.

I KNOW it's almost APRIL and some of your friends are already settling down with some sort of offers, don't give up, something WILL come along!

are you still moving to Chicago?