Universe: 1. IntlSet: 0.... jobs?

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  1. Girls, I stopped counting after I applied for the 25th job. That's 25+ IntlSet Resumes floating in the world.

    I was offered an interview at one museum, declined outright for two (at University of Chicago) and haven't heard back from any of the others. Most of the institutions/companies I applied to ask that I *not* contact them about my resume status.

    Man, I'm bummed. I go to what's considered a good university, I'm graduating with two degrees, I have excellent grades and pretty relevant work experience... maybe my cover letter is arrogant (tooting my own horn too loudly?)?... But I heard hardly anybody even reads those, they just go straight to the resume. I know that my old boss never read cover letters, he used to tear them off and throw them away!

    :sad2: Tough market!
  2. I applied to over 50 jobs last year and I think I got 1 interview, 1 phone interview out of all of them.. it's always going to suck, so you're going to have to paper your town !! ;)

    But keep trooping, there'll be something out there for you !!
  3. Oh wow! Really? I had no idea it was that tough!
  4. Good luck girly!!I'm sending positive thoughts your way!:love:
  5. Ahh, don't get down on yourself IntlSet! Sorry you're having bad luck but that just means the best job is still waiting to be found by you. Sometimes, it's knowing the right people too. I was in your similiar situation and if it wasn't for knowing someone at my current position, I would have NEVER been given a chance and had the luxury of working from home.

    With your stellar marks and charisma, I'm sure you'd charm the pants off anyone but don't settle. It is tough right now since the unemployement rate is pretty low but the right job is bound to come around. Patience is a virtue. Unfortunately, I never had it! LOL!

    Hang in there!!!!!!
  6. I agree the market is tough for many professions. I have a friend in Chicago, she has 3 degrees and is a licensed atty, her best offer after about 8 months of hunting pays $20K with no benefits!
  7. Have you been networking too? It proved to be beneficial for me as well as my brother since we're both in the medical field.
  8. Oh man, networking... I'm talking full on stealing my dad's Rolodex and calling everyone in it asking if they have contacts at the places I applied to. I did get a lot of help but even with the "contacts" nothing's come up.

    I did get a few pity interviews. Like "We'll interview you but we aren't going to hire you... but it'll be fun for you to put on a business suit."
  9. OMG! I can't believe that...that's just wasting everyone's time. It's futile. I got so desperate one time, I would strike up complete conversations with strangers, asking them what they did etc, small talk. That's how I was offered a job at a physical therapy office (I wound up deciding against it)! You just never know!!!
  10. I'm so sorry to hear this and I'm sure you already tried everthing. If you want send me your cover letter and resume/cv and I have a look at it. I'm pretty good in writing/editing things like this and unfortunately that's the only thing I can offer to help besides good wishes and empathy. We are hiring like hell but that's not an option (TV channel in Germany). Take care sweetheart!!!
  11. IntlSet - I'm sorry that it's been tough. When I was looking for a job last year, I mailed/e-mailed/faxed about 100 different places, went on 20 interviews, and got three offers. Persistence pays, so I wish you the best of luck!
  12. OT- Ich spreche Deutsch..;) Ich studierte Deutsch in der Schule seit vier Jahren aber vergaß den grossten Teil davon. Ich veranlasste fast eine Gelehrsamkeit, auswarts seit einem Jahr auch zu studieren!
  13. Have you tried talking to your professors? Would it be safe for me to assume that the field your interested in working in is related to your major? If so, start knocking on the doors of your professors . . . the often do have contact outside of the academic world! Good luck!!
  14. Have you thought at looking into recruiters or temp agency's? I know with my company we always hire entry level postions from temp agency's. But that's my industry. I know it's tough. Hang in there - keep smiling! Something is out there for you!
  15. My friend was in the same situation. He told me he applied to over 50 (same as Ayla) places before he got the job he has today, as a research assistant... so DON'T give up!!! You're clearly qualified, smart and articulate, I'm sure all your efforts will pay off very soon. *hugs*