Tup's Jumpin' on The Poppy Bandwagon! Reveal w/PICS!

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  1. I figured I'd reveal my peices from this past weekend. My hubby was nice enough to take me to the outlet, even though I believe he had a hidden agenda...

    Uploading pics now!
  2. Can't wait to see!
  3. Haahaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    now lets see!!!!!
  4. Oook, so I wasn't Poppy's #1 fan when they first started releasing stuff (kinda like some of us) but it's been growing on me!

    I had to have this!

    Poppy Starlet in Magenta... I know, another pink bag. I can't help myself!

    Is there a Pink Bags Annoymous that I can go to?
    PS1.jpg PS2.jpg PS3.jpg
  5. I love anything pink!!!!!!.....can that also be a shoulder bag?
  6. lol pink bag annoymous lol lol very pretty!
  7. Crystal, it can be.... I find it kinda uncomfy, as I feel like I am stuffing my sausage arm through a tiny hole. So for me, no. For others, yes! I think donnalynn carries her's on her arm, the lucky girl!

    inch - hee hee, thanks!
  8. And I also picked up the Patent Groovy in Spearmint!

    I really lurve this bag! I didn't think I'd be too big on the groovy, but once I saw it, I knew. I should have bought a couple, but silly me, I didn't.

    Hubby didn't even go in with me, so I could have bought the store and he wouldn't have been any the wiser.
    PG1.jpg PG2.jpg
  9. I have some more things.... I think someone hid my camera...
  10. I saw that irl, they had them at my outlet, I went with ruby, and I love it! Congrats, its a great bag
  11. Wow, someone's going great into the patent :smile:
  12. Nice Poppy goodies! I like you was late on the bandwagon. Can't wait to see the other stuff!
  13. Ahhhh, lovin the Spearmint!, makes me want some gum!!!
  14. leenie - They had the ruby too, it is gorgeous, I am regretting not getting that one as well!

    bunny - I don't know what my deal is lately, but I have been allover the patent! And lovin' it!

    I found my camera... LO hid it, uploading more now!!
  15. you should do a collection pic, cuz i love all your bag!!!!