Tumbleweed, oh tumbleweed...

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  1. So I've already posted these pics on the deals thread, but I think the Tumbleweed is gorgeous enough to deserve another thread... gonna piggy back off of Oboogie's thread about her brown sugar tumbleweed and add a few more colors. And a big thanks to the awesome Beeb for helping me figure out how to do this!! Here are the ones that I'm considering: (please excuse the single pic per post... I'm new at this).

    Smog (Ameladybug got me thinking about this one):

  2. or brown sugar:

  3. and here's burnt orange

  4. Beautiful!

    I was just browsing my junk mail this weekend for this past week, and saw a Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus catalog that has this bag in military color...it was devine!

    Did you get all 3 colors??
  5. Love, love, love Brown Sugar!!
  6. Yes, I bought all 3 because my many, many trips to Nordie's did not help AT ALL with whittling down my choice to just one color. I told my SA that I would buy the bunch, sit and breathe at home, pick one, and take the other two back. I know they're getting low on inventory, so I want to make my decision quickly and take back the other two so that other people will be able to buy them.

    But sitting at home with them isn't helping. They're all so beautiful *sigh*. Why can't Tano just make one fabulous color? I mean, is it really necessary for them to torture us like this?
  7. How do you like the size? It seems huge in the Nordies catalogue but it looks like a normal size in your modeling shot. . . also, is it heavy?
  8. The size is just right for me. I'm 5'3", but I like bigger bags because I use them as a color accent to my neutral wardrobe. I don't put a lot of stuff in them, so they're usually fine for me. This bag, even though it seems big, is not heavy because it doesn't have any heavy-duty hardward or studs. Just zippers... and they're light.
  9. I like the smog, the silver really pops on it :P And you don't see a lot of gray bags around.

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    riry, if there's one thing I have learned, it's this: when you find a bag that's PERFECT for you, get it in several colors (ahem, my avatar....). I was up to 8 Boogies while going through my Boogie phase. Trust me, as the other Tano gals here can attest, Tano usually only makes most styles for one season, and when they are gone, they are GONE. Then you will go through the agonizing process of waiting for one to come up on ebay or Bonanzle. Definitely find out what your return period is for the store, and think long and hard before you return any!

    It helps me to hang them on whatever I can in my computer room here so I can keep looking at them, and after a few days to a week, I can make a decision. You were smart to grab all three colors, otherwise you would losing sleep over the ones you didn't take home (see, been there, done that!!). Good luck with your decision!!
  11. Thanks for taking the time to post these photos--what a hot bag! I think my fave is the smog as well. (I had no idea that Nordies was carrying some Tano)....ps Watson's Mom gave you good advice. :biggrin: Its really hard to have just one (like potato chips!)
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    Great photos! And I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: my Tumbleweed in Tumbleweed Brown Sugar is one of my all-time favorite bags. It is a gorgeous specimen!

    Edited to add: Are these made from a different leather than mine? It doesn't look as pebbled, rugged, and heavy as mine. The leather is one of my favorite things about it!
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    ^^Oboogie, I think that's because your bag is the actual tumbleweed leather Tano did last season, which may be different than this new tumbleweed style? I remember being very confused when Tano did this. The tumbleweed leather like you have was supposed to be a much heavier and rugged leather. Maybe it's not the same on the bag now named tumbleweed? Perhaps TE can clear this one up :smile:
  14. Ah, OK! I see. Mine is definitely tumbleweed leather--it is washed buffalo. On MHB, it says they are tumbleweed leather, too, but mine definitely looks different. Hmmmm.
  15. All three of them are gorgeous! I can see why you're having trouble choosing which one!