Trollbead addiction

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  1. That’s lovely Firegypsy! What size is your necklace? I’m thinking of getting one now!
  2. Thank you! This is the 17.7 inch. I'm wearing it with the swan lock, which keeps it at that length. If I want it to be longer, I use the big flower lock, which will add another 1/2 inch or so. :smile:
  3. Just received my first troll beads bracelet! The wishful sky kit is a must have!
    I was trying to stack all these but they are too heavy together!
  4. So this is what I wear today~
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  5. That's really festive! ^__^ Beautiful blue.
  6. Thanks!!
    The blue one is just out in a kit called wishful sky, really pretty!
  7. I love wishful sky. I just got a few more meteor beads to pair it with, and I'm loving how the bracelet is coming together. I also saw the Black Friday release today. It's unbelievable. I cannot wait!
  8. Haha show us your combo!
    Yeah I read about the Black Friday one, seems like to be nice pairing with the wishful sky.
  9. It's strange, it makes wishful sky look...I don't know. Inferior? Don't get me wrong, I love them both, but I think putting them together would kind of wash wishful sky out if that makes sense.

    I cannot get a good shot of this bracelet. There's too much glitter, and the camera hates it. But here's at least something until I can figure out how to do better. Bananas.PNG
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  10. Hmmm I see what you mean…
    But I do believe all these will look so pretty in the sun! All the glittering and shimming~just fabulous!
  11. F .... pandora. I luv Trollbeads. We dont have their stores here but found one in another state and they also online. I want that new blue wishful sky too. The rocket and the coffee cup! Im in Australia.
  12. Looks like I might have to swing by my local trollbeads shop with the black Friday sales going on... Anyone else jumping in?
  13. #1873 Nov 24, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2017
    Perlen in Denmark has a terrific 25 percent off sale going on. Everything on their web site with the exception of Ohm beads. Unfortunately I can't seem to find their Trollbeads section. It appears to have vanished. Have they stopped carrying Troll?

    I love this year's Trollbead Christmas glass but haven't spotted it on sale anywhere online.

    There are lots of great deals on the web sites of various U.S. Trollbeads retailers. Trollbeads Akron for instance has agate stone sets on sale for under $100. Incredible deal. The black striped onyx kit at $85 is SO tempting! :angel:
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  14. IMG_1512983410.444759.jpg
    Love the new Shimmer Royal, managed to get two before they sold out!
  15. The new Vine of Dreams bracelet
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