Trollbead addiction

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  1. They are so addictive, I love mine!
  2. So do I. :heart:
  3. I'm not a Trollbeads collector (I come from the Pandora thread), but I'm a huge Pokémon fan! I loooooove the new Foundabead based on the Go game. Too bad the nearest store participating from me is hours and hours away. Trollbeads isn't quite popular where I am.
  4. Thanks for mentioning this! I'm a Trollbeads (and Ohm & Red Bali Frog) fan, AND have been hooked on Pokémon Go since it came out. (What can I say, it was a good breakup distraction)
  5. Ugh, googled for more info. Looks like the retailers were to treat it like an Easter egg hunt. They may have been found & thrown away by people who have no interest. Sounds awful. I'm going to call my retailer tomorrow to see if they can tell me anything.
  6. Called my local Trollbeads retailer. They apparently did get very few of the beads, and they are all gone.

    This seems to be something that would just generate frustration, and greedy eBay sellers who couldn't give a rat's behind about Pokémon.
  7. Hi ladies! I haven't read through this whole thread (although I intend to catch-up) but I've already seen some beautiful bracelets! This is my first post here.

    I'm thinking about getting a Troll bracelet, but I've never seen one IRL. I already have two Pandora snake chain ss and an Essence bracelet and I love them, but I find some Trollbeads charm to be really special. Like the Anemone Pendant and the Unique glass beads.

    For those of you who have both, which one do you prefer or reach for the most? Is it worth it to have both? How do they compare? Any useful tips/comments?

    Thank you in advance for your all your precious help! :smile:
  8. I own both, overall i find my Troll the most comfy. I still like my Pandora though, i just double them up.. agreed, troll has some unique pieces which is why i chose it. I also own a Chamilia leather bracelet which is okay for a lighter option but i generally wear my Pandora and Troll together. I just store my Troll in it's 'special bag' and clean it accordingly, i haven't found it to have any more or less maintenance than Pandora.
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  9. Thank you so much! :smile:

    What would you recommend to a newbie in order to start a new Troll bracelet: what are the basics, how many beads to start, ratio of glass beads vs. silver, spacers, etc. I must admit it's a little overwhelming, especially because I would have to do all the designing/shopping online.

    Also, what are your favourite Troll charms?
  10. The great thing about having a Trollbead bracelet is that it opens up your options for beads. There is a huge universe of beautiful beads available from independent glass and stone bead-makers in Europe and on Etsy for the small-core Trollbeads bracelet. You don't have to buy just Trollbeads beads for your bracelet.

    One thing to note: often Trollbeads has sales that include a free bracelet. If you sign up for the newsletter from the Danish jewelry seller Perlen ( you'll keep informed of sales. Perlen seems to have some of the best prices for Trollbeads.
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  11. Thank you BigPurseSue! :smile:
  12. I have alot of Trollbeads, but I don't care for the regular full bracelet. I use all the bangles and do like 3 -5 beads on a bangle! :smile:
  13. I am resurrecting this thread because I never knew it was here, and now that I've found my peeps, I want to talk trolls! I've been a collector for 11 plus years and LOVE Trollbeads. I've seen some beautiful creations in this thread! I did some damage this past weekend with an event my LD had, and bought some beads that are unlike others I've collected. Until I make something out of them, here are a few of my current pieces: flower bangle.JPG
    trolls 2.PNG Purple Elf.JPG dichroic.JPG
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  14. I'm *loving* the bangles, and using the flowers of the month on them has been gorgeous. I have a few others that make me happy too. I'll put them up tomorrow!
  15. I couldn't find a thread for trollbeads so I thought I would start one. Anyone else into trollbeads? Share your lovely TB bracelets here.
    Here's one of mine mixed with a few gold Pandora charms. 20170716_001255.jpeg
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