Trollbead addiction

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  1. There is a Trollbead Addiction thread, although sometimes no one posts in it for a good bit:

    Your bracelet is very pretty!
  2. Thank you, I searched trollbeads but that didn't show up.
  3. I have a combo of Trollbeads, Ohm Beads, and Red Bali Frog.

    Here are the combos I have put together at the moment.

    IMG_1500225946.613425.jpg IMG_1500225963.319987.jpg
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  4. My collection of Trollbeads bracelets and bangles. It all started with the Deep Ocean glass bead last summer!
    IMG_1503003004.680619.jpg IMG_1503003029.979533.jpg
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  5. I've been playing a lot and never think to post! I love seeing all the pieces in this thread. Here are a couple I've been using recently: Blues.PNG delft blue.PNG kimono 2.PNG gold.PNG Gold Daisy Clover.PNG

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  6. The Trollbeads Daisy is so beautiful.
    I get so many compliments on this bead!
  7. wow, the daisy and clover look great together! beautiful bangle.
    here's how I'm wearing mine these days, since I got a bundle of novobeads CZ in the mail.

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  8. IMG_1506963083.033295.jpg
    Got the Forest Life glass Kit today, the beads are stunning!
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  9. Love it! I jumped on this one as well. Autumn.PNG
  10. Beautiful! They all go so well together.
    Did you get anything else from the new collection?
  11. I did. I got the full glass kit, the full faceted glass kit, 2 shelter beads, 2 infinity beads (love that one!), a shape of magic, and a capsule of life. Oh, and two of the night sky spacers. I haven't played with them a whole lot. I put the bracelet above together and have been using it like that.

    I don't like how slumber or forest mist look with the rest of them, so I need to figure something else out.

    I also want to get the gemstones, but that will have to wait for a bit.
  12. Please post pictures of the new silvers, would love to see them on a bracelet!
    I'd like to get Strawberry quartz but so far I've only seen pale pink ones so I'm waiting for a darker one.
  13. IMG_1508328020.012190.jpg
    Just added Strawberry Quartz to my bracelet!
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  14. Oh, that is delicious! I haven't even used it yet. Perhaps I'll dust it off tonight. I love how it looks with the acorns bead!
  15. I really am loving this release.

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