Trollbead addiction

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  1. I need another accessory/handbag, shoe, jewelry obsession like I need a hole in my head but I am loving these things! I know Camilla and Pandora make them too but I adore the Troll line. I started with the bracelet (I bought this line because their chain fits all makers beads but other makers chains will not accomidate the Troll beads-besides loving the chain itself) and one bead. I now have two bracelets and a necklace and they are just so much fun. I feel like a little kid but I love mixing them, changing them and knowing that no one else has the same thing because it's my creation. If you are not familiar with them, check out and you can find some discontinued styles on eBay (but for some reason there are very few on ebay as far as the authentic ones-surprising). I am trying to post pictures of mine (I can never get anything to upload on this site)...please share your creativeness if you have Troll, Pandora, Camilla...etc.
  2. Please post pix! Would love to see what Troll beads look like!
  3. I'd like to start one of my own as well but for now my Toki addiction is consuming my money. :girlsigh: I like the trollbeads a little bit better than the pandora but both are nice. I hope you can get your pics up.
  4. Ok, they are...

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  5. I have a trollbead bracelet too! I love it; I finally completed it early last year. I try not to think about how much it actually cost..........even at 20 bucks a bead, it sure adds up. I'll try to post a picture this week. :smile:
  6. I was going to ask what it costs to put it together. LOL
  7. I have a Trollbead bracelet, since I've completed it- ;)

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  8. They are all very nice bracelets. I had a harder time though making out any detail with the two bracelets and necklace that were posted but the color scheme looked nice.
  9. Brodies & Una, your Trollbead pieces are lovely.
  10. retail pricing is all the same, it is listed at, you can find a few on ebay but not many. You can get them through the nearest store to you (they have a locator on the site). You can start with a bracelet chain, add a bead here and there, great for making a wish list and giving to family, etc for a gift when they can't think of anything else (mine filled up between my birthday, Christmas and Valentine's day).
  11. Very pretty! I like the Ugly Duckling and tibet bead! I liek the hydrangeas (sp?) I have that one...aren't they fun! I know, I need a life, or a hobby (a free or cheap one). lol
  12. Here's a picture of my Trollbeads bracelet. I am now into Pandora Jewelry now that this bracelet is over and done with. There's a gold teddy bear bead - fourth from the right - sorry you need to look at his behind! Sometimes I change out the glass beads. I have green Muranos that will replace the orange glass beads when I am in the mood for green.

    The clasp is the fish design that replaced the two lobster clasps that came with the original bracelet.

    Since I prefer more conservative beads, I have switched to Pandora bracelets and like their classic styles.

  13. Our other stores carry Pandora and Troll, I prefer the Troll becasue I think it is a little finkier, the Pandora is too structured for my taste but I have looked at their beads and I just purchased a Biagi (even though I don't like their beads) for the Liberty Bell. I wanted 3 of the Pandora birthsign beads but haven't checked eBay and they are discontinued. I think they are all so much fun. Yours is beautiful!!! I just got a new 2tone (3stars). I just can't get enough. LOL
  14. Lovely trollbead bracelet! I like the teddy bear too.:P
  15. Thank you for your compliments.

    Yes, I agree Trollbeads are on the edgey side and have a funkier look to it. Coming from a more conservative town, my customers did not like Troll as much as Pandora. Therefore, I discontinued carrying the line.

    BrodiesLVMama - if you are looking for Pandora zodiacs, go to and sign up to be notified when they become available. On occasion, a limited number of beads are received but they sell fast because they are retired. Last week the three you were looking for were in stock but they are probably gone by now.

    Keep those pictures of Trollbracelets coming. I enjoy seeing how they are put together.