TRAPEZE GM: More than I bargained for!

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  1. I just bought a Trapeze GM from let-trade and YEAH...Sandra was right. The Trapeze GM is in fact REALLY BIG! I like large bags, don't get me wrong! And I probably have larger bags than this one, but I guess it just ended up not being what I had in mind...I'm afraid I'm not feelin' it:sad:

    MiniMon 109.jpg OHBOY5.jpg MiniMon 115.jpg MiniMon 123.jpg OHBOY6.jpg MiniMon 108.jpg
  2. hmm.. sorry your not liking it.. but it does look good on you! maybe give it a chance?
  3. no way! what are you talking about "not feeling it"?!??!? it looks GORGEOUS on ya!:biggrin:
  4. It doesn't look too big to me. I think it looks nice on you. Of course, I like big bags...........
  5. Aaaw, wonderful bag. Sorry to hear that you're not totally convinced... doesn't look too big IMO. What are you going to do w/ it?
  6. Thanks KOOKIE and CEC!! I'm not into it right now...Maybe I'll let it sit and see if it grows on me:shrugs:
  7. I may pass it along to someone who would truly love it...I don't know, maybe it'll grow on me...?
  8. i think it looks really great on you- i love this bag. i hope you start to love it b/c it really looks nice on you.
  9. I like it. Can you wear it on your shoulder?
  10. I think it looks great on you. What are the dimensions?
  11. I also think it looks great on you!
  12. oh noooo.... it actually looks really LONG more than anything else :confused1:. that's why i thought it was really big
  13. I think it looks great!
  14. Yes, I can. The feel and look of it on the shoulder is like having the Manhattan GM on your shoulder. It's wearable, but kind of bulky and not the most comfortable shoulder bag in the world, KWIM?
  15. Yes...veeeeery long...strange bag...:shrugs: