Trade Bags Instead of Paying for Ebay Item

  1. Hi,

    Ok, so I need some advice ladies... I currently have a Cartier Tote listed on eBay. I just got a message from a potential buyer who wants to trade me for it. Basically she claims that she has a LV Thade bag that she only used twice. She claims she got it from her real estate agent for purchasing some real estate and referring clients. Do you think I should even consider this, or not even pursue it? I'd obviously need to get pictures of her bag, etc before I even consider it. It kind of makes me uncomfortable, but I just wanted to see what you guys thought. The potential buyer has 100% feedback score, but has only completed 23 transactions. HELP!


  2. Only consider it if you're interested in the bag she's offering. And then definitely get lots of pictures!
  3. I would definitely avoid doing any kind of trade, I know there have been several tpfers who have been ripped off this way.
    It's really not worth the risk!
  4. I dunno... I wouldn't feel very comfortable about it. There's really no protection for you. Maybe a little protection if she wins as the highest bidder or BIN thru eBay, but that's it. Otherwise, who's to say if she really shipped out the bag as promised? I know you could always get tracking numbers exchanged, etc, but it's really sketchy, KWIM? Feedback could be left if the transaction goes well or not, so maybe there's a little protection, but not much, esp for an expensive item!

    I wouldn't do it.
  5. I agree with everyone -- don't do it. There is no protection for trading unless you two meet in person. But what is the chance you two are in the same city? And, do you really want that LV Thade, or you prefer to have some cash on hand to shop around for something you really like?
  6. Nope, don't do it. You may send the real bag and she sends nothing. And you'll have no recourse
  7. She's in Canada and I'm in Colorado, so there is no chance of us meeting. I also don't know a whole lot about LV. I just figured if I could make more money by selling it, I would consider it. However, the whole thing does make me really nervous so it's probably a bad idea.
  8. So I sent her a message and told her that I wasn't comfortable trading with her. She now wants to know if she sends me the bag first if I would consider it. She must really want this bag that I have! Any other thoughts? I don't even know how much the LV Thade bag goes for or what it looks like.
  9. The only way to do this and have any kind of protection is for each of you to list and do a BIN on each other's auctions. Then you pay each other with a cc though PayPal - you will be paying fees as per usual but then there is protection through PayPal and your cc should something go wrong

    I would be asking for lots of pics of her bag and posting them and the auction in Authenticate This LV for review
  10. Tell her that you wont to see the photos of the LV bag first and than make your decision.
  11. Sorry, i meant want to see;)
  12. Better stay protection on yr side...
    That's also the reason y I don't shop on eBay...
  13. Nope. No way, no how.
  14. I agree, buy each others bags for the same price through BIN auctions, then you are protected, and make sure to get pics of her bag first and have it authenticated
  15. ^^Great suggestion!