Trade 2nd December PCE Cards Here

  1. Apparently there is another PCE going on now in December. To make it easy for everyone I decided to start this thread again for this new event.

    Post here if you received the 2nd December PCE card, don't plan to use it and are willing to mail it to a fellow tPF member. This way we can avoid the random requests throughout other threads.

    Note: This is for the PCE event that is ending December 29, 2007.

    Thank you all and Happy Shopping! :yahoo:
  2. I would love to get a PCE card this time! It would be greatly appreciated!! TIA!!
  3. Same here, I am interested in a new Mandy, preferable black.
  4. If you're not using yours, can you please PM me? THANKS SOOOO MUCH! I want a few things for Christmas and would really appreciate the discount!
  5. I'm such a dork. I forgot to include myself on the "waiting list."

    Me too!
  6. I was wondering about this 2nd PCE. If you have the first PCE coupon can you use this to get the 2nd PCE discount? And why only certain people are getting this discount. I got PCE in Dec. but would love a second chance.
  7. I don't know and that is what frustrates me. The Manager gave me back the December PCE card because he said I would still be able to use it until the 29th. But a lot of other people have been told no.
  8. I would love one as well!
  9. I would love one. I got a swingpack from my fiance for my birthday and I will have to return it to Dillards because it is defective. I really would love a 25% off coupon so....please???
  10. I would love a PCE card so I can take my mom who is visiting me next week Coach shopping. Please pm me if you are looking to give yours away. Thank you so much in advance.
  11. I, too, would appreciate a PCE card if someone isn't using hers/his - please PM me! TIA!!
  12. I have an extra one. But please do show me what you got. Last person I send the card too did not do that... I was disappointed.
    First person who PM me with your address gets it. I will try to mail it out today.
    Happy Holidays!
  13. Gone already.
  14. Curse work for keeping me busy and away from tPF! I missed it! :hysteric:
  15. Im adding my name to the list of want/ NEED:lol: one.

    I just asked my husband if he checked the mail today and he said no so i just drove to the mailbox in the snow to check to see if there was one there. Nope. :crybaby: I was hopeing since im waaaaay up here in Maine that it takes an extra day to get one.