TPF's Official Coach Fall 2013 Preview (110 pictures)

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  1. The leather bags are very nice in this collection. Thanks for taking the time to post these pics Vlad!
  2. Love the pics!!!
    But I'm disappointed with the new collection.. That was allllll over the place. The only one that caught my attention were the studds, I love the edge.
  3. Some ginormous bags! And I have a feeling the price will be large too!
  4. wallet is breathing a sigh of relief.
  5. Dang. Nothing I love this fall either. Still too much Legacy focus. I do like the Croc Haley but would love it if it were in another color besides blue. The pebbled leather on the drawstring bags is nice and like the purple and red colors but was never a fan of drawstring bags. I was looking forward to the rumored "re-launch of Madison" but I guess we won't be seeing it if this preview is any indication.
  6. Thanks Vlad for the pics!

    This is why I love Fall!! The colors are rich and beautiful!! I can't wait but, my wallet can!!:P
  7. Love the croc draw string. And all those purples.
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    Let me start out by saying, the first pic alone, made one of my kids have to pull out the smelling salts. That's how you start a preview.

    I am not a fan of the drawsting bag, but I love this one


    And I had to do a double take, is that a large tassel on the side, LOVE IT!!!
    Even for a Caroline lover like myself these seem very luxurious, almost intimidating. I'm not sure if this will fit into my life style, but I definitely want to try it out for size.

  9. I can take a LONG rest if this it for fall
    THANK goodness!!!!
  10. I am litteraly going to start looking for an extra source of income starting today. I know that some of these are going to be costly, so I want to take advantage of every PCE during the fall.
  11. Gorgeous pics!! :faint: Thanks for sharing, Vlad!

    Can I just say - as someone that has a knack for falling off of flip-flops - that I'm SUPER excited to see Kitten heels!! ALL of the shoes are just TDF, but now that I'm seeing heels that are at a height my clumsy $#* can handle, my wallet's in T-R-O-U-B-L-E LOL
  12. Sadly, there's not much here for me. While I adored last Fall's Legacy line much of this collection feels a tad too mature for me. Beautiful bags but not for my lifestyle.
  13. Mine too! Nothing at all caught my eye in this collection.
  14. Any idea when we can expect these beautiful studded duffles?! And if the studs don't add weight, how much cost do they add? :smile::smile: