TPF's Official Coach Fall 2013 Preview (110 pictures)

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  1. Wow! So many beautiful pieces! This line is very cutting edge for Coach IMO, I love it!
    Definitely want some of the high heels. :loveeyes:
  2. I love everything about this collection, especially this croc mens tote. I hope it's just embossed and not real croc so that I could actually afford it lol:P

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  3. I'm a fall gal, and that includes these beautiful bags! Loving the purple. :loveeyes:
  4. Oh be still my heart!!!! I am not buying anything else, there are too many bags I want from this collection!!!
  5. Thanks for spoling us with the amazing pics, Vlad. Now, must start saving!!
  6. Mine three. :smile:
  7. [​IMG]

    Hoping this comes in more colors!
  8. I like the orange bags a bit. Hopenthe dowelnone isnt haircalf, tho I suspect it is. I also kknd of like the purple signature and purple drawstring bag. I usually dont go for either style, but they look nice. Not sure if they are "must have" bags, though.
  9. much to love. Pyramid studs! That burgundy men's travel duffle! Grey Haley!
  10. The studded bags are really light by the way, the studs add barely any additional weight to the leather.
  11. I love that too! I don't know if I will get it as to quote Tim Gunn the bag "has a lot of look" but I love the pattern. Maybe it will come in another more simple bag for me. But I think the placement of the Cs is genius as well.

    Love the new Haleys. But I already have 3. I'm not sure it will work for me for fall but I love the tweed one and black/white one. Oh and the spectator looking one. Yikes. Maybe 2 more won't hurt.

    Oh now the more I look at the black/white pattern with blue trim bag the more I like the whole bag. Maybe this will end up on my list after all.

    I know some of these bag styles were in the Pre-fall thread. Maybe they will start hitting stores soon. When does the Pre-fall stuff launch anyway?
  12. Well, the saffiano bags, Haley and Harper were in the pre-fall preview so hopefully the others will be released soon. I'm eagerly awaiting the one in my avatar.
  13. The bag in your Avatar is gorgeous. Do you by any chance know the name of this bag?:smile:
  14. Love that studded duffle! :loveeyes:
  15. Oh my gosh! There's like 3 bags I know I want for sure, one pair of boots, & a clutch.

    They look really nice so I wonder what prices are gonna be.