TPF's Official Coach Fall 2013 Preview (110 pictures)

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  1. Thanks for the great pictures, Vlad!

    I love the toile-look with the black and white pattern with that vivid blue - what a gorgeous bag! And the studs - and that men's bag with the spring lock (not sure of my terminology!) closures - very, very cool!

    What a beautiful collection! I love the different textures and the rich colors. The studded bag is probably most "my style", will have to watch for one of those!

  2. DITTO. I was wondeing the same.

    Also, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, my shiny, beautiful, hand selected (picked the the prettiest and shiniest one out of all in the store) cognac duffle, but would it be wrong to have one with studs and one without.
  3. Wrong?! I think it's a necessity! ;) plenty of people have multiples and studs make it completely different... Right! :smile:
    I don't have any duffles yet! Awaiting my frost from FOS sale and I couldn't be more excited!
  4. Other than perhaps the grey haley, not much speaks out to me. I do love that rich, textured blue with the charcoal accents. That was promised in pre-fall as well. I wonder when we can see it in person.
  5. Thanks Vlad for the great pics!!!

  6. LMAO!! I was happy to see the Kitten heels as well. Coach boots seem to have really high heels to me so it's great to see a kitten heel.
  7. Holy cow, I see a LOT of stuff I love!!! Love all the Haleys. Ugh, decisions! :lol:

    I'm beyond thrilled to see Coach going this direction, and focusing still on the Legacy look. Classic leather designs, but with some fun colors & an edge. Definitely an upward swing for Coach from the past several decade or so.
  8. Thanks Vlad, great photos as usual!!

    Love some of these styles and the new colors. Looking forward to more info in the future on when they will become available.
  9. I cannot quit! Beautiful!!!!! Thanks Vlad for posting!
  10. I believe they'll be available starting in May, but don't quote me on that.

    Price was around $500, I can ask about specifics.
  11. That's awesome! Thank you sir! I am so looking forward to seeing these beauties! I really hope the rose gold looking studs will be available in a bag slightly bigger than the preview pics! :smile: I'm so excited! This is a very awesome collection & we all appreciate your photos!
  12. Specifics yes! What colors (ie gold studs, black studs, rose gold studs) and is this the regular size or large size duffle? :smile:
  13. Thank you for the purse porn. If you can I'd love details about the studded duffles. Colors and different hardware. Thank you
  14. OH NO COACH! You had to go and muck up the Legacy bags!:bagslap:Why must you take a clean, simple line and add croc, texture ,STUDS and everything else! Now the Legacy has lost its simplicity, which was the HALLMARK of Legacy! :Pullhair:

    The only bag I like is the NS tote with the turnlock.

    Guess its a good thing that I have a MK outlet opening up on 7 days:graucho:
  15. OH MY MY MY....WOOOWWWW!!! :woohoo:

    Thanks Vlad for the awesome photos! You rock as always!!