tPF & RM Bag Design Collaboration PHASE III: Vote on the sketches!


Which new RM design do you want to see created?

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    Bag Sketch [1]

    475 vote(s)
  2. *

    Bag Sketch [2]

    1,168 vote(s)
  3. *

    Bag Sketch [3]

    493 vote(s)
  4. *

    Bag Sketch [4]

    1,857 vote(s)
  5. *

    Bag Sketch [5]

    1,430 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Sketch 4 & 5 is pretty good but i chose #5
  2. Amazing sketches! I couldn't make up my mind since I love them all. Yay~!
    The bags are basic, modern, elegant and practical, besides I can see RM bags in the sketches.
    But in the end I chose #2 because it looks like Mam that I love but still fresh and even prettier than mam.
  3. love number 2! =)
  4. Was torn between #2 and #4! #4 got my vote in the end though
  5. hands down no questions asked i LOVE LOVE LOVE #5

    its the simplest out of all the sketches which would translate to a classic timeless bag!
  6. I agree. I would buy #5 for my classic timeless bag.
  7. arghhh.... I voted for #4 .... didn't even notice it had the chain detail (too heavy!).... I guess I should have looked a little bit more carefully. :p
  8. Sketch #4 is the one!
  9. Oh wow, I really hope #4 wins!
  10. Tough decision.. I like #3
  11. This is the one I picked, also! I thought it was the most unique, fresh and did not resemble any of her current styles.
  12. I'm surprised so many people are choosing #4! While its beautiful, its SOOO similar to the Cupid which of course you can buy now. Does anyone else agree that measurements would have helped make the decision?
  13. no. 5 is simple design and trendy look....
  14. I'm not in love with any of them but I voted for #2 but perhaps with less details. Also, please lose the tassel zipper pull. There are too many details already. I like that it has the dogleash clasp.

    #1 is too plain.

    #3 reminds me of something that Coach has done awhile back.

    Agreed with all the other who said #4 looks like the Cupid. It's not a bad looking design but I was expecting something more original.

    #5 - don't like the flap top.
  15. I like 4 and 2, but voted for 2
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