tPF & RM Bag Design Collaboration PHASE III: Vote on the sketches!


Which new RM design do you want to see created?

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    Bag Sketch [1]

    475 vote(s)
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    Bag Sketch [2]

    1,168 vote(s)
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    Bag Sketch [3]

    493 vote(s)
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    Bag Sketch [4]

    1,857 vote(s)
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    Bag Sketch [5]

    1,430 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I voted #5 - love the shape and it's slightly different from the other bags that are already out there.

  2. I picked 4 because it was my favorite but I agree its similar to the Cupid, 2 was my second choice.

    To me 5 looks like the Brynn which hasn't been the most popular of styles.
  3. I voted for 1, and I also love 2 and 5.
  4. I've agreed with the highest tally on every phase so far.
  5. I love 4. I love that it is easy to get into - unlike 3. I also love the extra outside pocket. That is where I keep my tissues or a small brush. Outside pockets are a must for keys, cell, brush and a lip balm.

    What I am not in love with is the fringe-tassel bit. Extra things like that make a bag heavier and I find them distracting to the bag. All accessories like that I feel should have an easy way to take them off. This way I can dress it up when I want or so for a more streamlined look when I choose.

    Also just want to say thanks for running this contest. I signed up in this forum just so I could participate. I have always wanted to "design my own bag".

    Will we be able to view the inside of the bag as well and have input as to how many inner pockets we can have? Large bags are great, but an if I can't easily organize the inside without carrying a bunch of zip bags, it is really not the bag for me. If I can make the suggestion I would like to see a cellphone sized pocket - two if you could swing it, and a smaller one or two for pens/pencils or a tall lipgloss. I would also like to see a standard zip pocket as well. Women need ready access to what is in their hand bag and the more pockets or zip compartments we have the better. I can't carry a purse that only has one cellphone size pocket and a zip pocket in the back - it is too inconvenient.
  6. Vote #4
  7. I voted number 4 as well. It just speaks to me. :shrugs:
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