Toronto Gucci Outlet @ Halton Hills

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  1. As you guys may know from the Montreal thread, Toronto (ish area!) is getting a Gucci outlet. Here's the directory listing from the Premium Outlets webpage. The opening date is November 15, 2018. From what I understand, main line Gucci stores will continue not to have sales in store (at least in Canada?) and discounted items will be directed to the outlet.

    If you drop by, please post in this thread! :P:angel:
  2. I was at TPO today to ask about this and they confirmed it's opening but on the 16th not 15th. Apparently there was an issue with shelving this morning and they have to extend it by a day. Still haven't updated their site and IG info yet about this change. Don't show up on the 15th, you'll end up shopping for Coach not Gucci :P
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  3. Finally!
  4. Can’t wait to hear about the goodies!
  5. Was at the outlets today, the line was 2 hours long (I even asked a person in the front how long it took them to get to the front and they said 2 hours). I’m not too keen on getting in line to spend thousands, will have to check it out on a less busy day.

    But from the windows, there were many bags, but they all looked from around 2016 with a bunch of the Tian line stuff. Men’s shoes looked quite old from window. There also a Versace opened, a saint Laurent and Prada opening soon.

    However, do you think Gucci will have private sales anytime soon? They are trying to be like Louis Vuitton and not have sales, but Louis Vuitton doesn’t have outlets to diminish the value of the branding.
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  6. Idk. There’s no indication they will have sales again. Sometimes you can snag a sake bag at department stores.
  7. My brother went today and said the men's selection was incredibly small compared to the women's. He did score a few items, nonetheless. Here are some pictures he took:
    46307183_347758285782066_8154544986881261568_n.jpg 46356570_2050285571694808_81768742727450624_n.jpg 46344183_921632871375245_6318718025738485760_n.jpg 46366275_2196356307303877_3727449185297891328_n.jpg 46453101_584367618662171_7240288793368985600_n.jpg
  8. Oooh lucky no lines for him, what time did he go? And thank you for the pics of the shoes! Saves me a trip to the outlet, I think I’m just gonna wait until early next year and see if they get anything good in, plus hopefully the horrible January weather will keep the crowds away lol
  9. He went before the mall opened. He did have to line up. I don't know how he got that picture without the line. Maybe the queue starts inside somewhere in case people froze, as quite a lot of people were there even before my brother arrived.

    My brother said there were some people in line who were actually there the day before and waited 4 hours in line, but couldn't get in even after that long wait. The deals were nice but they weren't that nice.
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  10. A friend went yesterday.. and waited FOUR HOURS in line. She scored a Bree for $680.

    I think I might wait for the excitement to die down a little before I venture out! Or at least until Prada and Saint Laurent open first!
  11. The trifecta!
    What time did your friend arrive to the store? 4h wait is insane !
  12. 4 hours! Holy smokes. I’m in the states. This bag is in the outlets here too in different colors. No wait though. Wow that’s crazy.
  13. I think she went in the afternoon, it’s pretty amazing considering it was a weekday!
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  15. So outlets diminish the value of the brand but sales wouldn't/don't?