Toronto Gucci Outlet @ Halton Hills

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  1. Thank you :smile:
    Nothing marmont no, nothing really from the current styles. A lot of the flower pattern and some that I think are made for outlet only. A bit disappointing IMO.
    Saint Laurent had current styles.
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  2. There was a lady with her husband doing the exact same thing when I was there! Kept looking at the same 2 grey sac de jours for an hour and it was hard not to hate her lol. Even though I’m also a very indecisive shopper. But freezing in line and watching it was annoying. I wonder if it’s the same lady!
    I was there yesterday so missed Boxing Day, there was nothing extra in all three stores yesterday.
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  3. I agree. :lol: I was shivering outside even though I was wearing a parka and everything I thought would keep me warm.

    I wonder if she didn't actually buy the bag that day and came back the next day. Sounds like the same scenario!
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  4. Hahah might have been, she had a white MK bag and I was thinking “girl you NEED that upgrade!”
    But it’s the store fault for allowing only 4 people at a time, they had more staff in there than customers!
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  5. That was what happened on Boxing Day, too. There were more staff members than customers.
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  6. I’m here right now. Gucci was a fifteen minute wait. Decent prices but nothing that caught my eye. Prada shouldn’t have a wait but they are creating a line up. They have sales people standing around inside. No wait at YSL.
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  7. Annnd, a pair of Prada suede boots wrapped themselves around my ankle and begged me to give them a home. I’m such a sucker for strays.
  8. Picked up this bag on Thursday. Line up was maybe five mins at 11am.
  9. Ah okay, this has made my day! Ive wanted to go to a Gucci outlet forever, however I live somewhere awkward at the moment where I did not have one nearby, or so I thought (in Michigan) however this outlet is about a 3 hour drive away from me, and I'm originally from London and have family there, so will make a day trip to the outlets, then go spend time with family like I normally would anyways! I need a new crossbody bag and wallet... Anyone have any intel on crossbodys or wallets they saw? I will give myself a budget of $1000 USD so I'm sure I'll find something worthwhile :smile:
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  10. Live two hours away in London - is it worth the drive? Only interested in mono Bree camera bag - wondering if this is regular stock there?
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  11. It's worth driving to the outlet if you call a few stores ahead of time to see if they have a good promotion going on (usually the week before a long weekend, or during the long weekend). Don't go just for Gucci. When I go, I usually check out a few other stores as well. There are a lot of good stores there now, so even if Gucci doesn't have what you want, there is always Saint Laurent (my favourite store there), Prada, Versace, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, and Saks Off Fifth (which rarely has good stock or a good deal).
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  12. Just popped by at Gucci and Prada during my lunch break and the outlet was dead! Lol. If anybody wants to go there and doesn’t wanna wait, go weekdays if you can. No line up at any of these designer stores. Gucci selection was poor. I found that their stock looks outdated. Nothing that caught my eye.
    Prada and YSL has more current selections. Just thought I’ll post here if you’re considering visiting the outlets.
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  13. Im going to the outlets today and will report back how it goes! Although so far Ill say that I had very rude phone service... awful really. So lets hope it isn’t the same in store.
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  14. Omg I just bought my first gucci bag from there! Its a pink bloom small boston bag with red leather parts. I was choosing between that and a black guccisima bag (which was cheaper and larger which im puzzled why) but my husband told me I had to baby it more since it is leather like moisturize it or something so just go for the boston one and so I did! Yikes !
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