Toronto Gucci Outlet @ Halton Hills

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  1. No, the sales would also diminish the value, but since they have outlets all over the place, why not start sales again too?
  2. I went to the store this morning and got there at 9 a.m, was the 2nd person in. There was no line up and the 0.5h I was there only a few customers trickled in. A SA told me the wait time yesterday was about an hour so maybe the initial opening hype has died down a bit. They had bags from the pink blooms line and Tian plus the totem line. If anyone is looking for something specific post a pic and I can tell u if I saw it or not. I could only get a photo of the men’s section before the security guard hurried over and gently told me no photos allowed. I left with 2 bags I really wanted so was happy. After I went over to the Saint Laurent store which is right across from Gucci and they had a nice selection of handbags and wallets. The director was a lovely lady who was so patient. Prada is located in same area but not opened yet. When I left at 11 , there was a lineup of about 4 people and GUCCI and 10 at SL
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  3. Did Saint Laurent have men’s bags?
  4. Thank you for sharing! Can I be a bit gauche and ask what the prices were? Just wondering how the discount really is. Love that blooms bag you picked up.
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    Just got back from Halton Hills Gucci the past Saturday - Got in after about a 15 minute wait which wasn't too bad but it started snow/raining near the end.

    My husband and I haven't checked out any outlets in a while and we were pleasantly surprised with the selection here. I ended up getting a pink tweed jacket, cube print dress and an exaggerated bow silk blouse. Ready to wear was 50% off the tag price. If you're looking for the brown/classic GG interlocking logo, you will be out of luck. If you like the pieces that don't have the classic logo then there's some pretty good selection of RTW. I'm glad I was able to find pieces that would be perfect for work, and the dress is going to be put to good use for holiday parties this season.

    There are a lot more pieces available than the ones they have out and displayed, the SA there was awesome and he brought out pieces from the back.

    Just wanted to put in my 2 cents that I love shopping at the boutique for in-season pieces that I see on the runway but outlets and sales are great too. Sometimes I miss out on pieces that I skipped through at the boutique and find them on sale. I don't think it diminishes the value of the brand at all.

    image1 (8).jpeg
  6. Saint Laurent had mens bags and lots of backpacks.
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  7. I didn’t look at the men’s section but if u were looking for something specific u can call the store and speak to the Director whose name is Selena. She was very nice
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  8. No worries! The med blooms tote was regular $1550 and it was $1050 at the outlet. I happened to c the original tag in the display model. Not sure about the Tian as they remove all tags . Typically for the logo supreme canvas handbags I’ve seen savings around $400 or so
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  9. Great finds! :biggrin::heart:
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  10. I went to the Gucci outlet about a week ago on a Sunday around 1pm and the wait was approx 30mins. I purchased a Bree bag ($690) and for my boyfriend, a 4 slot card case ($190). Very happy with my purchases! I don’t have any purses that have the all-over logo, so I was happy to find this bag in a simple camera bag style. It wasn’t displayed for some reason... I saw a customer opening up drawers and taking out purses to try, so I asked the SA to try it as well. As for the card case, the Gucci website shows a similar design but with bigger GG logo, so I’m happy to get a similar design for a lesser price.
    F6209990-C4CA-4150-9B70-258BA0670F6F.jpeg E1068AF9-5B20-45A7-B4BC-4427F24A64DE.jpeg
  11. Anyone have any intel on what the Boxing Day promo will be? I’m thinking that between the new Gucci, Prada, and Saint Laurent at the TPO, it may be worth the trek for Boxing Day this year.
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  12. I was at the outlets today and checked out Gucci, YSL and Prada.
    Gucci wait wasn’t too bad and I do like the fact that they don’t let too many people in and you can shop in peace. Saint Laurent was the longest wait and deals weren’t that great but they had a lot of the “regular” boutique bags Liz
    Gucci had a lot of older styles and some bags that looked like they are made for outlet. I was debating getting a WOC that was around $600.
    Ended up with a Prada crossbody which was 700-something
  13. Thanks for sharing! It was the opposite when the mall opened on Boxing Day. I was there 20 minutes before opening and the Gucci line-up was already around one outlet block! I had to hit a number of stores downtown and at Yorkdale later so I didn't line up there (lined up at Saint Laurent instead). The Saint Laurent line was nowhere near as long that day, but it still took me 45 minutes to get into the store, because they let 4 ppl in at a time at the beginning (they let a few more in later on) and one customer was there with her partner for 45 minutes! She kept deciding on the same grey Sac de Jour, and when she finally chose it, she inspected 3 of them to choose one. People in the line were mumbling that they couldn't understand why she took so long to decide. and their sentiments mirrored mine. The number of times she went back to grab the same bag, check herself out in the mirror with it, and then put it back down seemed endless.

    Do you know what sale Gucci had on Boxing Day? Was there an additional sale on ready-to-wear like at Saint Laurent?
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